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2006-04-04, 03:37
Anyone carry a whistle?
Lot of people say it's needed emergency gear, but I've never carried one.
Read a pamphlet on the "Storm Whistle - worlds loudest" the other day and they almost sold me on it (low sales resistance). If the whistle hadn't been so expensive (for a whistle) I might have bought it ($6.00 usd).

Does anyone here think it's a good idea to get one?

2006-04-04, 07:09
We carry 3 whistles. Two small personal whistles for communication, if we get away from each other, and a Tornado Whistle for emergencies.
Loud noises are also good for scaring muskoxen if they get too close.

I got my Tornado for 4 :)

2006-04-04, 07:43
I've always carried one and we teach our scouts to carry. In an emergency, you can blow on a whistle a lot longer than your voice will last, it takes less energy and the sound will travel farther. If your in colder climes, get one w/o the ball inside. No moving parts to freeze up.

2006-04-04, 08:06
I cannot think of any reason why it is not a good idea to carry one. I always have a Fox40 clipped to my shoulder straps.


2006-04-04, 10:16
Read a story of a hunter who broke an ankle, became hypothermic as he lay on the cold ground, and his whistle saved his behind when rescuers could not see him in his camofluage. He had no strength left, barely enough to use his whistle. I consider it a very important part of my survival gear.

Just Jeff
2006-04-04, 10:41
I always have one on my shoulder strap. It's about $2 at Walmart, and has a whistle (w/o the ball so it works when wet), a small magnifying glass, button compass, and a thermometer. It weighs less than an ounce, I think.

The kids always have one, and I clip the photon to it. When we get to camp, they take it off their pack and clip it to their clothes so they're never without it unless we're in an established campground or something.

2006-04-04, 15:32
i've got one like jeff's... good little gizmo, though the thermometer is hard to read... but it's mostly a whistle, not a thermometer...

2006-04-04, 16:25
I've got that storm whistle - it'll blow your ears off, and takes little effort to blow. Standard distress signal is 3 blasts, or get fancy and do the sos. Weighs next to nothing, and makes you easy to find if you're disabled. Standard equipment, for a day or a week.

2006-04-04, 19:26
I'm never without one, either. Just one of those safety things that makes sense. My newest pack even has one built into the sternum strap buckle.

I also got my daughter (5 y/o) one. It has a fancy embroidered lanyard strap--I let her pick it out. I taught her that if she ever gets lost, to stop and start blowing.

Geez, that image just breaks my heart, though. Little girl scared and alone, blowing on her whistle. Good reminder to always know where the kids are.

2006-04-04, 20:29
I carry one.

But it didn't help much the only time my wife got lost( or I lost my wife, depending how you look at it ). We were hiking alongside a backwoods creek and she thought the trail forded the creek when it didn't. When I noticed her lagging,I backtracked and used the whistle but the sound of the water made it impossible for her to hear it( we compared notes after the panicked accusations ).

She eventually( because of experience ) realized her misstep and retraced her steps to a relieved reunion with a worried husband. We both still carry whistles in the belief that they would work fine if no moving water interferes.

We tend not to hike so far apart these days. :rolleyes:

2006-04-06, 12:50
Yea, like Just Jeff and Seeker, I carry the gizmo on my shoulder straps.
The BEARS be mating in the NC mountains, and we don't get along that well.