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2006-04-07, 02:11
Grammin gram en or gram un

1) Saying your own or anothers gear needs to be replaced with lighter gear
i.e. He was constantly grammin on his gear, and was now thinking of replacing his pack with a 1/2 ounce model built from spider webs.

2) The act of grammin see grammin

Latin granum [seed] or from the dialect of the dropkickus thickheadius

2006-04-07, 09:16
Excellent. Now I understand. But, what would be the antonym?

2006-04-07, 09:40
Excellent. Now I understand. But, what would be the antonym?

"Icemanic". :biggrin:

2006-04-07, 17:25
I like Icemaniac better.

Or pounding?

2006-04-07, 22:08
Har' har', hardee har' har' har'.... I am laughing on the inside (Ive' got a lot of room...)

2006-04-08, 02:17
Excellent. Now I understand. But, what would be the antonym?
I have some other ideas for antonyms (made up words in italics) :
cumberance addition, adding to the gravity, lacking tonnage management, anchor addition, adding incubisity (from incubus, an oppressive or nightmarish burden), massivity, negative weight management, kiloing (from kilo)

Which word or word combination is used could be a momentous decision, affecting the entire hiking community, and changing the english language forever. Think hard about it, as this could be the most important decision you make in the next couple of minutes. (unless you make any other decisions, like what to have for a snack)

Which do you think is best? Or do you have a better word?

2006-04-08, 10:44
I was thinging something like:

Bigdogging;...."he was Bigdogging my gear..."(making fun of the rediculous small or light nature of my gear...)

Goliathing;..." that A hole just Goliathed my stove..."

Hulkify;..." they hulkified my design..."

:confused: :damnmate: :confused:

Just Jeff
2006-04-08, 10:46
One vote for bigdogging...

2006-04-09, 00:44
I'm for bigdogging too.