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2006-04-08, 05:01
I stumbled upon a website the other day for building igloos.
They were trying to sell a box they used for packing the snow into blocks for the walls.
I looked at it and thought, "I wonder if Iceman has tried an igloo?"
Then I thought, "I wonder if he'd risk freezing to be a guinea pig."

Anyway, here's some sites.
The original site:
A site about building your own form:
A site about some guy using one:

It's kind of expensive for a box attached to a broomstick.
I'd visit my local butcher/restaurant first and ask if I could have an old meat delivery box. They are heavy waxed cardboard and would be easy to make a form from.

Iceman, if you decide to do it and survive, please tell us about it.

2006-04-08, 11:27
Dropkick, my son and I built 3/4 of an igloo last year, but ran out of time at camp, and had to top it off with my siltarp. Cheating, yes. We turned the igloo into our kitchen. Get out of the wind. I have read tons on snow shelters,...I think I would rely on a snow trench if the schitt hit the fan! We built our partial igloo with a snow saw I created in the shop. It attaches to the handle of my compact snow shovel. Show a boy how to cut snow blocks, and stand back! I have never seen my son so focused in his life. Our igloo was also a bit big, you want to build as small as you can to assist with heat retention, the bigger the house, the bigger the gas bill.

Most of our snow overnighters this year did not provide good snow for igloo building. One trip was pure fluff/powder. The others had great snow, deep enough, we were diggin in a six foot deep kitchens, could have blocked the top in, but I didn't plan to top them off.... These were on the big side, too big.

Seems to be a theme of mine.....GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Anyway, I will consider the challenge, but will most probably be next fall/winter before I attempt the overnighter in the igloo. Next on the calendar is Spring Turkey hunting, then Fishing season opener, then hikes.....

So much to do, so little time...

2006-04-08, 12:40
I've read about building a snow shelter by piling up snow and allowing it to "freeze". Supposedly snow levels are oftentimes at different temps. When you mix them up they will "sinter" together into a mass hard enough to dig into. If you pile snow on top of your gear, when you dig into it and remove your gear, you have a place to flop. I've never had a chance to try this.

2006-04-09, 00:30
yeah, i've heard that before about burying your gear and using it as a 'form' for your shelter... but if it were me, in the snow with my gear (and it's a stretch, since i don't ever intend to camp in the snow ever again) i'd cut/break/bend a few sapllings to make a frame, cover them with my tarp, and then cover the whole thing with snow. then dig inside.

i used to make a lot of snow caves as a kid. with just body heat alone, they'd warm up into the 40s or better, depending on how many of us were in it... definitely above freezing, as the walls would start to melt. spent the odd night in them, camping, but never liked the snow much. now i only see it on tv... don't have to shovel it... (except when the army sends me tdy to someplace like wainwright! man, that sucked. good crablegs though...)