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2006-04-10, 10:07
What do you guys use for scales to measure gear? Does anyone have an affordable suggestion?

Just Jeff
2006-04-10, 10:15
Walmart has an analog kitchen scale for about $4...accurate to about .5 oz. They also have a digital kitchen scale for about $20 (IIRC) that's accurate to 2 g and 1/8 oz. Both have a capacity of 5 lbs.

2006-04-10, 11:37
Digital postal scale. Good to 10lbs and .01 ounces.


2006-04-10, 16:36
Go to the local Post office and use the one that they have out in the lobby. I weighed each and every piece of equipment that I have one Sunday. Should have seen the looks I got. LOL.

Cheapest solution that I can think of.

2006-04-10, 19:50
A kitchen scale is a possibility also. They are fairly cheap. However they usually only weigh items up to few pounds, but you can find some that will weigh heavier items.

2006-04-11, 16:37
Go to the local Post office and use the one that they have out in the lobby. Should have seen the looks I got.

yeah, that's a lot of fun, isn't it? i went on a saturday awhile back... no shave, grubby clothes, looked like a bum... lots of funny looks...

2006-04-11, 21:36
I've used the postal scale at work, but got tired of hauling stuff up there. Actually, I just didn't want to be at work during my time off.

Anyway, I got a "Pelouze" scale (Model SP5) at Office Depot. It wasn't the cheapest or the most expensive, but it suited my needs best without a huge cash layout. I think it was about $30. It weighs up to 5 lb with a 0.1 ounce or 1 gram accuracy.

2006-04-11, 21:47
I have a digital kitchen scale with a big pan that I got at Walmart for $30 US. I can remember the capacity, but it's big enough that I can weigh most things before I stuff them in the pack. For total pack weight, I use the digital fish scale, which will do 50 pounds.

2006-04-12, 12:59
I am going to check out the fish scale at Gander Mountain (only $7.00 and it measures up to 55 lbs). It has a nice hook for hanging the whole pack.