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2006-04-10, 20:11
heine wrap

Wrap your heine with this or make some insulated finger tippers!!!!!!!

"COBAN" Self Adherent Wrap 1582

Made by 3M Health Care, Borken, Germany

1 roll weighs 18 grams

2 inches X 5 yards (extended) 2 inch X 2.2 yards (contracted)

On the kitchen stove i boiled 2 cups water in a heine can, took 14 min. on low flame.

No visual heat affect on the wrap.

Wrap is about 1/4 inch thick around pot. Positioned as you see it in photo.

After it reached rapid boil, shut burner off, picked up pot immediately with bare thumb and forefinger. Was able to hold it for about one min. put it down, changed to diff. location, picked it up again for another min. and cont. to do the same with no problems.

Using the same wrap i made some fingertip protectors using 3M scrub pad material that is about 3/4 in. thick.

The wrap material is elastic and sticks to itself. Is non-skid., no slip.
The tip protectors stretch to put them on and are held firmly in place. Easy on easy off.

This is a dual use material as you can imagine. Give us some ideas of other things that it can be used for. Your input is required :rolleyes:

I know i forgot some things to add, as it returns you'll get it :damnmate:

HOI----You might like this stuff!!!!!!!



2006-04-10, 21:39
That looks really functional. I like the finger tippers. Something like those and a palm pad for a frying pan handle would beat the hanky that I use. Are they really burn proof? and re-usable?
OTOH, It's another piece of gear to schlep along.

2006-04-11, 18:54
This wrap is normally used for sprains (ankles, wrists, tennis elbow etc.) it's way lighter than the cloth type wrap that require the little clippy thing to fasten the end of it when the wrapping is complete.

Use it to apply a splint, use it instead of duct tape

This stuff looks like it has a type of hook and loop in its fabric that makes it stick to its self.

In direct flame it will burn

The finger tippers are re-usable, the ones in the photo i 've had on and off umpteen times. These things really grip the smooth surface of the heiny can.

2006-04-11, 19:00
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2006-04-11, 19:18
Oops57, heehee, I don't drink and I don't smoke and i don't chew and I don't hang around with the girls that do :dancing2:

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Now if i could only get rid of this tire around my waist :elefant:
Hey! I know!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll use some heine wrap, I'll squish it tight and redistribute it and make me look like popeye the sailor man or the other guy, what was his name? :confused:

2006-04-11, 20:32
I'll squish it tight and redistribute it and make me look like popeye the sailor man or the other guy, what was his name? :confused:
Is it Ahnuld?

2006-04-11, 21:20
It sticks to itself in sort-of the same way a post-it will stick better to the sticky side of another post-it. It's a gummy type of adhesive.

One very nice thing about that tape (and the reason I carry a small roll of it) is that it sticks ONLY to itself. I use it at work to hold bandages on in places where they don't hold very well, like fingers, hairy forearms, etc. It holds really well, but leaves all the hair still attached to your skin!

The compression of the tape is useful for control of swelling, and is primarily what we use it for at work (rehab hospital).

One negative thing to consider is that the gummy nature of the tape will collect quite a bit of dirt with use, but it's still a great idea!