View Full Version : Bread And Cake Pot

2006-04-11, 19:47
Picked up this little 8 cup, anodized aluminum baking pot for 5 bucks at a second hand store.

Going to use it for cooking on a wood campfire. I do alot of camping, always have a campfire, burn lots of wood, by the cord, full not face (that ones for u Turk) :)

This thing is really the cats meow!!!!! Has a twist lock lid, big knob on top for lifting(i like big knobs for lifting) better than a bail

Weighs only 250 grams with lid. AND most importantly------it's anodized.

The lid has elongated slits for straining

Made by "Rival" called a "Bread n Cake Bake" it is made to be used inside of a crockpot to bake bread and cake. Have not checked to see if they are still being manufactured. Keep your eyes open for the used ones

The heine can is for size comparison(i dont drink oops) :biggrin:




2006-04-11, 19:59
Well i dont now been 1year 4 mouths but i see the name heineken on the can shows up good are you getting a kick back [ he he ]