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2006-04-12, 09:28
I couldn't sleep, and for some reason I kept thinking about the socks I used to have from high school football (stolen many years ago - but that's another story).

Anyway, the socks were some type of nylon blend, went overtop the calf, wore for a long time, never fell down, and were very comfortable. They were quite possibly the best socks I've ever owned.

I've been looking for socks like them for many years. With absolutely no luck.

No one seems to sell knee high socks, at least where I shop. Over the calf length socks never reach over the calf. Also I have very big calfs (calves?) and many socks have too tight a top to go over.

I decided to do an online search for socks. I ended up finding support socks (mostly for diabetics) were the only socks I could find that came close to meeting my criteria.

Has anyone ever tried this type of sock?


2006-04-12, 12:52
Did you try googling: "Kilt socks" or "cross country ski socks" or "Knicker socks"?
That last one will get you some REALLY nice argyle hits.

2006-04-12, 12:54
what about soccer or baseball socks? they sell the baseball ones in the sports dept of wal mart.

2006-04-12, 13:43
Sounds like the socks I was issued when I first joined the navy (Canadian). We were also issued short pants that went right to the knee, to go along with those knee high socks. What was the point of either? Beats me - we looked like boy scouts at sea.



2006-04-12, 15:18
Try Bermuda! I worked there for a summer, and when in Rome, dress as the Romans do. I wore the traditional Bermuda business attire: from the waist up, no different - shirt, tie, jacket. Waist down - Bermuda shorts (some outrageous colors) and knee socks. I recall plenty of nylon socks available, might be some other synthetics around, too.

2006-04-13, 08:46
I think this is my domain, considering my summer school uniform includes knee high socks *shudder* :banghead:. Anyway, our schoolboy Rugby (Rugby Union, the real contact sport ;)) uniforms comprise of knee high socks so we dont get rucked by steel studs too badly.

My suggestion is try ordering from Canterbury Clothing Company (see socks HERE (http://www.canterburyofnz.com/RUGBY/Socks.html)). They'll set you back maximum US $9.22 for a pair (excluding postage). They're comfortable, they last, and they breathe. Check out CCC, they may have what you're looking for.