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2006-04-15, 00:14
Just one more :biggrin:

Got the idea during the Christmas Holidays but got side tracked. The chia pet is always on sale at that time, they must sell quite well!!!!

Made of aluminum, same pot as the dual flame. Weighs 36 grams

Has eight jets, each equipped with its own igniter wick :biggrin:

17 ml of denatured alcohol will boil 2 cups of water in 4 1/2 min.

This is a complete STOVE

Put the fuel in, set the pot on top of it, light it, instant heat. 8 wicks burning instantly, pumpin out the btu's.

The wick material inside soaks up the fuel, can't spill out (safety first)

I would guarantee this stove to light in sub zero temperatures, no problemo.

(my wife says I need therapy, for the first time in our married life I agreed with her)




2006-04-15, 23:36
Incognito...that is one 'beaut' of a stove but I have to agree with the little woman...you have one warped mind. Maybe Dr Phil could be of some assistance here.

2006-04-16, 00:13
I'd call it: "The Medusa" and again, can't believe it.
Is the cup you are using some kind of fencing post cap?
Doesn't it blacken up the bottom of your pot? Something has got to be bad about a stove simple as that.

john pickett
2006-04-16, 19:37
Only bad thing I see is:
It's beautiful. :adore:
Where do you get the cup? What's the wick made of?
PLEASE? :adore:
John Pickett

2006-04-20, 21:16
I'm baaaaack!!!! :biggrin: Got sidetracked

Ok!!!! here we go---------

I have renamed it "MEDUSA" I like that one much better, Thanks Mutinousdoug!!!!!!!!

The cup I'm using is a fencepost cap, available all over at your local fence suppliers and big box stores. Cost under a buck, $1.00 (very good Doug, you have been searching, good attribute of a STOVIE)

Wick material is fiberglass . Just a week ago i saw some material in an auto supply store that looks similar to what i used. It is used for wrapping header pipes on auto engines, comes in different colors also. I have not purchased some, do'nt know what it's properties are. I will try some,someday :confused:

The only thing bad about this stove is you probably twist your ankle if you accidently stepped on it :smile: The thing is super tough, will support a couple of these small :elefant: :elefant:

It will hold 20 ml of fuel comfortably and will surley boil 2 cups of water under most normal conditions.

The stove will not stick to the bottom of my pot like the Supercat stoves have done and will not leave a coating of alcohol on the bottom of the pot so that when lifted off the burner there is no residual alcohol burning on its bottom that could be a potential problem.

I like it's size, it just fits inside of a Supercat

Should I make a batch and try selling some? What dollar amount would be acceptable? Where should i list them? Ebay is too expensive, been there done that.

2006-04-22, 00:33
Should I make a batch and try selling some? What dollar amount would be acceptable? Where should i list them? Ebay is too expensive, been there done that.

Mr Incognito,
Don't take my financial or business advice at face value...Or do. I have a good friend with a complete machine shop and wood shop as well as a engineering consulting firm (consisting of himself). He makes anodized aluminum ramrods for muzzleloading rifles as a little sideline. He sells 25-100/ year, sometimes more, of these that are WAY better than the standard hickory or fiberglass rods that make up the majority of those found under most muzzleloader barrels. He has a website that advertizes these along with his other services. They are not making him rich. All he has to do is feed the stock into his CNC machine and afterwards send them to the anodizer. They sell for more than Rock's Ion stove.
My wife's friend sells used suff on Ebay that she buys at yard sales and makes $6-10 K/year.

Good luck in your endeavors,


2006-04-22, 12:34
Mutinous!!!!!!! The web site idea is probably the way I will go. A site dedicated to "STOVIES" :biggrin:


What an ingeniuos idea, anodised AL ramrod, what color does he use on them?

2006-04-22, 15:06
In june '03 i suggested that a "hiker gear group" might be formed for selling the gear that the talented people of this forum come up with.

Have another look at the HGG thread (http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1023) from back then. Creating such a site is still a good idea, IMHO.

2006-04-22, 15:57
What an ingeniuos idea, anodised AL ramrod, what color does he use on them?

His ramrods are anodized black. But for the price of an anodizing batch he could do any color. Pink like the little elephant smilie or gold anodize might go with a gun with polished brass furniture. I think the color is just a post anodize dye anyway. If your ramrod sticks out in front of the muzzle like the ones I had him make for me (1.5" longer than std for a better handle), products of combustion will bleach the part of the rod that is exposed. Here is his web address: "www.aramrod.com"

2006-04-22, 19:58
The gold anodize rod would look great with brass furniture.

At a point in time i did screen print a red dye on unsealed anodized aluminum and then sealed it in a hot solution of nickle acetate. The sealing of the anodic layer complets the process making it impervious to most harsh environments. The aluminum plates are now on the moon attached to the lunar modual. If anyone ever gets up that way let me now if they are still readable :smile:

I'll take a look see at his site, should be interesting. Always wanted to do the long rifle. My brother was heavy into it in PA. Hunt and competition.

Thank You Blackdog for the HHG thread. I'm going to go there and scope it out. Sounds like a good idea to me. I'll get back to you to give my thoughts on it.