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2006-04-17, 13:12
How do you breathe, so that you don't leave yourself with sore or otherwise stressed throat, lungs, etc.?

I've tried deep cycle breathing and sucking it in various ways, but I still wind up with a light cough or such after. Most of the problem comes with mouth breathing, but it seems to happen even when I use my nose. :/

Hog On Ice
2006-04-17, 16:50
the light cough sounds a little like exercise induced asthma - if that is the case I doubt that it really matters which way one breathes - possibly try an antihistimine in case it is more ordinary asthma (possibly before the exercise) or just use an inhaler (ex Albuterol) once the coughing starts

2006-04-18, 01:51
I usually softly sing to myself as I'm hiking. Sometimes it's a jody, sometimes just a song from the radio. I found that I have better lung capacity and endurance doing this.

When I started hiking after the Army I just did this naturally. Then I got run over by a car and didn't do any hiking for years.

When I got back to hiking I wasn't singing, and my endurance was pitiful. I worked at it and got to where I was doing alright but my chest still felt tight and my endurance needed work. Then I started singing again and after a short while it seemed to open up my lungs.

I also hike without singing, but if I have any distance to go I sing, as I can travel further, faster, and longer if I do so.

I don't know why this works for me but it does.
-Maybe the Army actually knows something.

P.S. I actually seem to see more animals while singing then when not. Maybe they're not worried about me being a hunter.

2006-04-18, 10:13
Then I got run over by a car....

Hey Dropkick, maybe singing is what got you run over in the first place? :biggrin:

And about the animals, we have loggers out herre who carry a big fat carbine magnum with them as they fall trees, and occasionally dump big bulls. Seems the elk do not have much concern if it appears you are not hunting them. I have a picture of my wife carrying out a cow elk head, and the herd we dropped the cow out of, are still over here shoulder in the picture. The herd never moved more than maybe 500 yards. Sort of felt weird gutting and quartering that one, like I was being watched... :biggrin:

2006-04-18, 10:47
-Maybe the Army actually knows something.

i think, historically, armies in general know something about hiking... we're all proud of Squeaky and his endurance records, but he wasn't carrying a huge pack, helmet, and weapon... jackson's 'foot cavalry' of civil war fame, or the german infantry of WWI, who drove the left flank of the german line to the dunkirk area attempting to outflank the french and british at about 40 miles a day, on foot, are still unrivalled in what they achieved... and the roman emperor marius' legionnaires, who (being short and stocky) carried and estimated 90-100 lbs of gear, accomplished what they did in sandals, not boots... though they "only" did about 15-20 miles a day...

2006-04-18, 22:42
On my last hike, I actually did a bit of quiet singing, which helped move me along. I chose not to belt anything out, out of self-consciousness, mostly. Besides, I would rate my singing in the 'bad' range. I suspect that a full throated singing actually opens the throat more and helps keep things lubricated and coated a bit better somehow. I know nothing, but this is my guess.

I keep Bryonia Alba 30x on hand for dry coughs, and it helps with the aftermath, anyway. This is a homeopathic medicine that is indicated for dry coughs, including the ones from exercise; NEVER use the herb itself.

2006-04-18, 23:28
I find myself counting my left foot steps whether I want to or not after spending a year in the infantry 36 years ago. The count doesn't mean anything now, since I pick it up at random between 20 and 80 and start over at 100 or so. Used to be: count of 65 = one finger on right hand =100 meters. 500 meters on right hand = one finger on left hand. two fingers on right hand = 1 klick = 1000 meters. and so on. every so often the platoon leader would ask my count to navigate by. I was always wrong then too.
But it kept my mind off humping. I do this carrying building supplies from Home Depot to my car in the parking lot. Seems to work.

2006-04-19, 00:45
and the roman emperor marius' legionnaires, who (being short and stocky) carried and estimated 90-100 lbs of gear, accomplished what they did in sandals, not boots... though they "only" did about 15-20 miles a day...
Gosh... I could be a legionnaire.

.....And so could Iceman as long as you count snowshoes as a type of sandal and don't limit the gear weight to 100 lbs. :biggrin:

2006-04-19, 02:46
So how much did mario legionarro weigh in at anyway. Im packing near 300lbs in the buff, then load the gear on. Ya' know those suspension foot bridges you come across now and then, I avoid em' like the plague. :biggrin:

2006-04-19, 11:18
iirc, they were under 5-7, on average... bigger was better, but the average citizen was still pretty short... i think the weight was somewhere around 130lbs or so, so they carried pretty close to their body weight in gear. actually, they used to have big baggage trains, but emperor marius cut each squad to just one pack animal, and the soldiers had to carry almost all of their own gear, hence calling themselves ''marius' mules''... before that, there were apparantly a lot of wagons too... i'm sure the officers still got their stuff carried in wagons... some of those large HQ tents would have been too bulky to carry by pack animal...

i'll go back into my library and see if i can dig up the exact figures i saw... just have to remember where i saw it.... :hmmmm:

2006-04-19, 14:36
Kea, you might try an old Army Ranger trick, it's worked for me.

Buy a couple of packs of hard candy, I use Charms candy.
As you hike and start feeling uncomfortable just pop in a candy.

It will keep your mouth and throat moist and thus should stop the dry cough.
Another great feature is you get alittle sugar rush, which works well on those steep inclines. (The green ones are special)
Like I said works for me, hope it helps you.