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2006-04-19, 02:28
Stumbled onto a pdf on how to make a tarp tent.
As far as I can tell it gives you every possible way you would ever want to hang your tarp.
I haven't done more than skim it myself, but I saved it to look at later.
I now show it to you, for whatever use you might make of it.
Caution: it's a fairly large pdf (61 pages).


2006-04-19, 12:50
Nice Find!


FYI - He also put it up as a web page (http://www.equipped.org/tarp-shelters.htm) but it's rather large as well.

Edit: Okay, I just took the time to scan through this... and all I can say is HOLY CRAP! that is crazy thorough... wow... I'm definitely passing this on to the other leaders in the scout troop I work with

2006-04-20, 06:37
The major flaw with the essay is his overuse of quotes, as if he's letting us in on some closely guarded secret.

For example:
A: Tent stakes designed for 'hard ground' etc.
Smaller diameter ropes may suffice, IF they're 'doubled' up.

Correct is: A: Tent stakes designed for hard ground etc.
Smaller diameter ropes may suffice, IF they're doubled up.

We understand what "hard ground" is and there is no need to enclose it in quotes, unless referring to it as a phrase, as I have just done. No need to ask the reader to dope it out. I can, anyway. You and I even know what 'doubled up' means, probably because we're smart. The article is filled with these awful dumbed down quotes, which makes the reading painful.

2006-05-13, 11:10
I was lucky enough to find mine 2nd hand on ebay in superb condition - yes, I know it's the luxury version with a bathtub floor sewn in and consequently a weight gain - but I love this thing. It's so light and easy to set up. I just don't have the nerve to sew my own tarps, or to sleep outdoors if bugs can get to me. Henry Shires is a genuis.