View Full Version : Tree Huggin'

2006-04-19, 12:53
I went to a local park last night to experiment with my two recently arrived hammocks. Every single usable pair of trees were larger than the tree huggers. Living in this area most of my life I would say these trees are the average size for around here.

Wrapped around the tree, the tree huggers ends were about 10 inches apart.

I read in another post that it is ok to use the tree huggers if there is a gap between the two ends, but how far is too much?

Should I consider ordering a couple pairs of the larger ones?

With the larger straps what is the solution when the straps are too big to go around the tree once but too small to make it around a twice?



Hog On Ice
2006-04-19, 13:50
I just loop the straps so that the strap crosses the back of the tree only once this allows me to easily adjust the height of the hammock strap by just grabbing the rope and moving the strap up or down without untieing the rope. Usually I can find a pair of trees that are small enough so that there is no gap between the ends of the strap but sometimes there is - no problem just tie it like usual - the tree is still protected cause the majority of the force is on the back of the tree where the strap is located.