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2006-04-20, 20:32
HAve you heard that song "Some Rowdy Women" by Shooter Jennings on the radio at all? I heard it this morning on the way to work (UMVD). I've actually heard it before a few times. Shooter is the son of the famous WAylon Jennings. My parents used to always play Waylon in the house. When I heard his son had an album I had to check him out. You can hear his music at his website www.shooterjennings.com. He's got some really great songs.

2006-04-21, 00:19
Dreadful. Just barbaric and stupid. Outlaw? What the heck is that? What about listening to some nice Barbara Streisand or some Barry Manilow?

Just Jeff
2006-04-21, 00:52
I dig the 1984 vintage guitar in the silhouette.

I also dig it when someone's only post is trying to sell something. Mmmmmm...spam tastes goooood.

2006-04-21, 01:38
Well jeff i like spam or treet see i am all stock up

Just Jeff
2006-04-21, 11:27
Holy crap - you're gonna die if you eat all that!!

Or maybe it'll just harden your arteries until they're impervious to any further damage... :biggrin:

2006-04-21, 13:52
He's gonna die anyway, just like the rest of us, at least his body will anyway. If he eats all that spam he'll find out if all those theologians were correct much sooner than he otherwise would have. Many are in need of both spiritual and nutritional epiphanies.

2006-04-21, 22:30
My wife has a rule that we never eat any of that stuff until it is at least a year out of date. Well....actually, I've never seen her eat it...does she know something that I don't? :smile: