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2006-04-21, 19:08
Not sure if this belongs in this section or even on this forum but here goes...

Has anyone here, or does anyone here have a freind that has, or has anyone ever heard of anyone that has bought one of those kits that has like a 1 year supply of food?

If so, whats the quality of the food and the packaging? Just wondering.

2006-04-21, 21:01
Yes, I bought three boxes of Mountain House freeze-dried stuff that were billed as containing one-week's food for one person a couple of months before Y2K. I'm still eating the stuff and it is still excellent. I thought about buying the freeze dried stuff in #10 cans and I'm glad I didn't 'cause it would still be in the cans and the money would have been wasted. A few cans of the veggies might be a good idea though. Anything with meat in it will need to be refrigerated once that can is opened which sort of defeats the purpose.

Some of the "survival companies" sell so-called one-year supplies of food and the calorie counts may be accurate but it is a lot of filler like grains that you can buy at the supermarket for probably less. They tend to be low on protein 'cause that is what costs.

I'd reccomend the do-it-yourself approach and make sure you have something you can and will eat. MRE's are cool but they don't store more that a couple of years, they are usually one year old before you get them. A small stash of MRE's is good 'cause they are portable and ready to eat but hopefully not for too long at a time.

If you do store some food, get those Gamma Seal lids and put them on five-gal buckets and store your food in them . They'll keep the critters out unless you are dealing with Norway Rats or bears.

Most of us have enough in our cupboards we could live a couple of weeks, you probably should have at least another couple of weeks provisions, anything more that six weeks is probably overkill 'cause, unless you are willing to start bustin caps on your neighboors (I'm not), you'd have to fight for it if you ever needed it.

I try to stay prepared to "camp out" at home. Wood cut and stacked in the winter, fuel available to cook sans power and the like.

2006-04-21, 23:40
I maintain a 1 year supply of food, use what i store, rotate, rotate, rotate :)

I store enough wheat to share with a neighbor. When the going gets tough, you'll need a friendly neighbor for support.

Water----I maintain a 3 week supply in 5 gal. polycarbonate bottles.(drinking) 345 gallons(for other than drinking needs) in a recycled stainless steel dairy milk holding tank from a local dairy farmer.

I know what everyone is thinking :elefant: :elefant:

2006-04-21, 23:43
As you have access to a p.x. (or if you can find a military run mess hall) I would see if you could get some b-rations. They don't taste too bad and they last for an extremely long time.
I wish I still had access to them.

-I still have some 20+ year old b-ration hashbrowns that I use occasionally. And I used the last of my repackaged dried eggs and dried cheese about 10 years after opening their cans.

They normally come in number 10 cans (coffee can sized). They can be easily repackaged and safely stored in a cool dry place for years. -If you store them in glass bottles either keep them in the dark or wrap the bottles (with paper, aluminum foil, etc.) as sunlight degrades the rations.
A very few of the rations, such as bacon, can't be repackaged and stored for long periods.

Some of the rations should be soaked overnight before using (hashbrowns, cabbage, etc.) but others can be used (after adding water) as they come from the can (cheese, eggs, etc.).

2006-04-22, 08:00
OH you had to bring up B-rations. I lived off of B-rations when we were attached to the marines during Desert Storm. Now I know why marines are so mean. I would be too if I had to eat those things for years at a time. Yuck!

Ive never seen B-rations for sale anywhere anyways.

I was planning on going the DIY route anyways. Just wondering if the prepackaged stuff might be worth it.

Thanks everyone.