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2006-04-24, 11:30
A long while back, someone (I think it was Gramps), expressed an interest in seeing my cookset, after wondering how I packed it all into an MSR Titan Kettle. Well, I finally got a friend's digital camera and took some pictures. Nothing fancy, no miraculous breakthrough in technology... just how I do it.

I've never posted pix before, but I'll try to get them in the following order:

-First one will be the Kettle with a homemade blue foam/duct tape cozy.

-Second one is the top view with all the 'stuff' inside: Hardware cloth pot stand, windscreen, little green cup, Ion Stove, sponge/scrubbie, Bic Lighter, and a small bottle of soap.

-Third shot is of all the stuff unpacked.

-Final shot is what it looks like set up. I guess the big thing there is the 'cut down' windscreen. I trimmed a couple inches or so off the standard MSR stove's windscreen, and saved about a half ounce. It also folds up nicely and when bent, fits down inside the pot.

The whole thing weighs just over 10oz with the soap.

2006-04-24, 11:38
Very nice. I never thought of bringing a small sponge-scrubby. Very nice.

2006-04-24, 15:59

Couple years back someone told me about using a small square from and orange bag...great scrubber, lighter, more maliable didn't hold food particles or water...You might want to give it a try.

Nice Job....there is room for a baggie of coffee and a couple of soups in an envelop in there yet.