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2006-04-28, 02:03
Tomorrow morning I'm off to spend the weekend somewhere in the Kootenai National Forest.
Don't really know where I'm going to enter the forest or what trails I'm going to hike. I'm going to play it by ear once I get to Libby.
Also need to buy a map for it, as I am lacking one for that national forest.

Decided to go hiking/camping, and haven't spent much time in that corner of the state. Which is odd as they are fairly close to where I live (about 4 hours drive).

Will be back sometime Monday night. Will give you the low down on the forest either then or Tuesday.

See you later.

2006-04-28, 10:24

there wasn't a 'smiley' for envy, so, in the kindest, gentlest, most polite and respectful manner, "up yours, you lucky dog". :biggrin:

i'm stuck running local elections tomorrow for 16 hours. we're having a huge mayoral race runoff, down from 6 candidates a month ago. lots of people unhappy with the post-Rita handling of affairs, as well as the general economic downturn in this area over the past 20 years... sunday i'm helping a buddy put a motor on a boat... no camping for me... oh well...

2006-05-02, 02:33
I'm back.
Didn't actually do a ton of hiking, mostly just camped.

I took my time driving up and made many stops. It was a beautiful drive.
Got into Libby about dinner time and after looking around decided to spend the night in a motel and figure out where to go on Saturday.

Tried to get a map USGS or Forest service map Saturday, but the place to get one was closed.

On a recommendation I went up to the Cabinet Mountains (just a few miles out of town) on Saturday and hiked about 5 miles on Flower Creek Trail to a lake (name?). It was a nice sunshiny day and I lazied about for a while, ate lunch, and thought about spending the night, but got restless and decided to go to Lake Koocanusa. This is a long lake created by daming the Kootanai River and extends 40 miles into Canada with 50 miles of it in the USA.
Koo can usa

Hiked out and drove up to the lake.
I spent the next few days camping and wandering around the lake.
It was beautiful, saw lots of wildlife, everything was green, the water was a wonderful deep blue, the temperature was in the mid 70's during the day, I even did a little swimming (brrrr).

Sunday night the temperature dropped, it snowed, and stuck.

Except for wishing the weather would have held off one more day, I had a wonderful time.


2006-05-02, 09:43
Sounds like you had fun. Sometimes no schedule is the best schedule.

2006-05-02, 11:17
glad you enjoyed it... i'm still jealous... i worked the polls all day saturday... there was a huge downpour, and when i got home, i discovered that a pocket of rain had formed on my hammock tarp (set up in anticipation of sleeping out). it got so heavy it ripped the entire seam out on one side... the good news is that it's easily fixed and i'll only lose about an inch of width on the tarp...

(and thanks for not taking my comments seriously.)

Hog On Ice
2006-05-02, 14:26
Seeker - which tarp was this? I used to have a similar problem with a 10x10 Oware tarp I was using diagonally and that is the reason I went first to the JRB 8x8 and eventually to the custom MacCat that I use now. I never had any seam damage but I did sometimes get some water seepage through the seam of the Oware tarp under the pool of water in the rain pocket (seam crossed the ridge line at that point typically).

2006-05-02, 16:29
it was the Seeker brand model... only one in existance...

i made it from some ripstop i found at walmart and re-treated myself with a silcone solution... works great, but like i said, once the water pooled on top, it ripped all along the 8' side... should only cost an inch of material though... the fabric is undamaged... just the hem ripped out, with 4 of the 5 loops attached... the 5th one was damaged, but didn't tear all the way, as it's on the corner.

if walmart would finally get some more, i'm going to make an 8 x 8 with a diagonal seam... i think the diamond shape works best (fewer stakes, design won't pool unless you hold one corner up with a pole, and better coverage for the weight). 8 x 10 a-frame is ok, but heavier and not worth the extra weight... i might actually end up making it more of a long hexagon, but i'll have to see what width the cloth comes in first...

or i could just spend the dang money on the MacCat... hate to buy what i can make though...