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2006-05-01, 20:25
I'm sure this question has been asked before but I have been searching the net and haven't been able to find a good answer. So, here I am to ask all of you. Please give me your opinion.

I have been leaning towards the Hennessy Light Racer due to the light weight. I plan on using my own tarp if possible. Also, I plan on adding an underquilt from Jacks R Better to whichever system I end up with.

Just Jeff
2006-05-01, 20:50
That's kinda like asking what kind of car you should buy...lots of opinions, and most of them are right...depending on what you're looking for.

IMO, the HH LR w/ JRB set is a very good decision for most conditions. (I haven't used the LR, but I have the BULA and it's almost the same. The JRB set rocks!)

Still, I find my homemade Speer-types to be more comfortable than HHs. I like the top entry, and it's easier to use as a lounger. But I haven't added bugnets on my homemade ones yet, either...I just take the HH in buggy conditions. The JRB set works on the Speer-types, but not quite as well as it works on the HH because of the HH's side tie-outs.

So your setup looks good, but it might help if you post more specific criteria - what climate will you use it in most? Any special needs? Is cost an issue? Etc...

2006-05-01, 20:59
Thanks for the reply.

As far as criteria...I typically hike in the spring and fall in temperatures between 25-65. I try not to go when it is to hot or to cold. The bugs do start to move in during the end of the spring which is one of the reasons I'm seriously concindering the hammock (of course comfort is the other reason).

Weight is a big concern of mine. I'm used to my tarp with the extreme light weight :) I have never felt comfortable in the outdoors so I'm hoping this will be the answer. I would say weight is a bigger concern then cost at this point.

Just Jeff
2006-05-01, 23:08
Sounds like the LR and JRB setup will fit the bill, then. My Nest keeps me comfortable into the 30s...some folks are good well into the 20s. Adding a small sit pad or torso pad can extend the range for those colder nights. Or you could add another underquilt (or use the ORM instead).

2006-05-02, 13:32
For the last 18 month or so that has been my preferred set up....HH ELR and JRB Nest..of course, I also use the JRB No Sniveller as a top quiltand replaced the stock fly with the JRB Square tarp....total 68 oz or 4.25 lbs three season shelter and sleep system...packs to about 750 cu in, maybe the best feature.

Have over 60 nights in the HH ELR with no significant signs of wear...but I 'm easy on it.

Remember I'm biased.


2006-05-02, 18:27
Alright guys...you talked me into it. I broke down and ordered a HH LR. I figured I wouldn't need the Nest till fall so I put off ordering that. I want to make sure I really like it first :biggrin:

Thanks for all the help guys.

2006-05-03, 20:59
I called Tom to order a hammock...he told me that had just finished the prototypes for a new, lighter backpacker model made with a new fabric that will be lighter. He said the fabric is similar in weight to what he uses in the Light Racer so the new one should be around the same weight as the LR and more durable. Production is starting next week with shipping starting on Wednesday of next week.

Just thought all of you would like to know...I'm pretty excited.