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2006-05-04, 01:14
Bought some new boots through Shoebuy.com a while back (link to post about that: http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1646).

Anyway, they came with stretchy laces, and I really like them. They're never too tight, yet keep my shoes firmly laced, and don't seem too loosen up with wear.

I was thinking about these laces and wondering about getting something similar for some of my old shoes and boots, when I thought about the shock cord that REI sells. It's basically the same thing and fairly inexpensive.
If I wanted an aglet I could use some shrink tube, or whip it with thread.

Link to shock cord:

Good idea??

Just Jeff
2006-05-04, 10:32
Someone on WB (fiddlehead?) talks about using cordlocks with his laces instead of tying his shoes every time. Seems like it would work even better with shockcord...it's pretty cheap - try it out and let us know!

2006-05-04, 10:57
When I broke my shoulder ,I used shock cord for laces .I just laced the shoes up and tied the cord together at the top ,basicaly forming a big loop.Since my shoes had the hooks at the top(instead of eyes) it was easy to just lace the cord through these hooks with one hand ,and there was no need for cord locks or anything. It worked great!! www.thegreenpepper.com sells shock cord,might be cheaper than REI.

2006-05-05, 16:20
Shoelaces are a fun way to rejuvenate your kit.
I like to make my own shoelaces out of lanyard, and use the same material for many things.

2006-05-06, 11:11
I use those flat cordlocks from Campmor (campmor # 67794) that have the little button you slide down to lock with the regular laces and they work fine. This enables you to hang your shoes, I use New Balance all-terrains, off of the hammock ridgeline. They are a bit of a trick to install the first time, I use a big hemostat to thread the cord through.

Hog On Ice
2006-05-08, 09:49
I had a problem with my shoe laces (stripped 550 cord) coming untied especially when bushwhacking so I switched to using a cordlock - the type I used allows the lock to be latched in the open position making the insertion of the laces easy then just push the two buttons of the latch and its unlatched into position for normal use - its a good strong cordlock. After tightening the cordlock I tuck the laces down into my shoe into the arch of my foot area - they may move around some but they don't bother my foot while walking/hiking. The shoes I use are trail runners with Superfeet insoles.
Here is a picture of the type of cordlock I use: http://www.speedlaces.com/media/cord-lock-135x135.jpg

2006-05-08, 17:11
I'm using Ian's secure shoelace knot (with round laces) since reading about it on this forum. Tried a cordlock for a while but didn't like it. Something always landed exactly on it with painful results. Shoelaces are hard to break and easy to fix when they do, IMHO, very likeable lo-tech.

2006-05-09, 16:22
Yes, the tubular cordlocks hurt like hell when your instep bumps something, that is why I use the flat cordlock from Campmor, no problems encountered with it.

2006-05-09, 16:41
I'm thinking about using a lineloc (http://www.itwnexus.com/catalog/index.php/dw/op/a/10/c/0/p/114) for my ongoing mukluk project. Simply put it's a ladderlock for cord. (Considered using it for the dayskin3 too, but didn't like the designs i came up with.)

Forgot to add that the lineloc probably works with elastic cord too. To err is human...