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2006-05-05, 02:00
I was out to buy a graveyard/garden candle, the ones in a plastic jar with a metal lid for weatherproofing. I was amazed to find ,that one of those relatively small an light candles, can burn for around 50hours :) I suddenly thought of light and simmering. Why buy a 6$ survival candle, when you can buy a 2$ graveyard/garden candle ?

a year ago I bought another type, it was large and heavy, but that one could only burn for around 20 hours.

2006-05-05, 16:13
I got a box of Eastern Orthodox candles at Marden's really cheap.
( Marden's is a general store in Calais Maine )

Anyhow, they are pure beeswax. They do seem to burn a bit better and the beeswax has other uses. They are long and thin, and the same amount of wax as a tealight. I usually bring at least one of those to help light fires and at least one tealight for a light at night. If you add a little olive oil to the tealight you can keep it burning longer. Those big 3 wick candles are great also. I keep one in the car.

2006-05-06, 01:02
Have to look into graveyard/garden candles, I don't know anything about them as it isn't traditional around here to leave candles graveside.

I like votive candles.
A 2 oz. candle (approx. 1.5" height x 1" width) will normally burn between 10 to 15 hours.

With the popularity of tealights they're getting harder to find though. Used to always be able to find 6 packs of votives at the dollar store, but now I either have to be lucky and hit the dollar store at the right time, or pay 3 to 6 bucks elsewhere.

I normally carry one of these with my fire making supplies.
- plus a birthday candle in with my emergency supplies (carried in a match safe in my pocket).

Been thinking about possibly getting a candle lantern, but then I think about my LED light which lasts longer than a candle and doesn't have the burning problems....
Except for it being a neat piece of kit, I can't think of a real advantage....
Though that hasn't stopped me from buying stuff before....