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2006-05-06, 13:58
Due to SGT Rock being deployed and now I'm having some medical issues that affect my eyesight and causes major headaches... I am closing the Ion Stove store for a while. Hopefully this will not be for very long. Thank you for understanding.


Just Jeff
2006-05-06, 18:33
Sorry to hear about your medical problems - best of luck in your recovery.

2006-05-06, 19:41
Sorry to hear about your medical problems - best of luck in your recovery.

ditto. Get well soon!

2006-05-06, 21:06
Hope you get better soon. We have something going around down here too.

Im going to use my ION tomorrow as a matter of fact. Take the kids out in the woods and cook mac and cheese. Their fav!

2006-05-06, 21:26
Thanks guys! I hope this problem clears up quickly too.

2006-05-08, 12:05
Sorry to hear that Dixicritter!! I hope you get well soon!! :fisheye:

2006-05-27, 11:35
Yes, get well soon. Spotted your stove at Harpers Ferry on ebay and am toying with getting one from them. Haven't tried an alcohol stove before so it's going to be more of an experiment than anything else.

Do hope your hubby is doing well over there.

2006-05-28, 00:22
Backpackinglight.com sells them too if they still have some in stock.

I'm getting better just still living in a fuzzy world. SGT Rock is doing fine so far too.

2006-06-25, 18:41
I actually paid for an ion stove from Harper's Ferry on ebay, only to have them say something about not having all the parts, and offering me an Etowah instead. Took a refund, and went to check out Backpackinglight only to find they were all sold out, too.

Please be sure to post when production starts again.


2006-06-25, 21:30
Thanks for letting me know that. I guess that's probably why Backpackinglight put in that order that I couldn't fill.

Luckily SGT Rock is due to come home on mid tour leave next month so maybe we can get a supply built up to last us for a while.

Will keep everyone informed I promise.

2006-06-27, 19:19
Just interviewed a chap today who spent seven months in Iraq, followed by two in Korea. Please let your husband know that it isn't only most Americans who "get it," we furrieners do, too. We are free because of people like your man.