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2006-05-07, 01:10
Board has been a little slow (spring will do that) so I was trying to think up an interesting and helpful topic that anyone could add to. This is what I came up with.

Keep your tools sharp
If it's essential carry 2
Duct tape fixes anything
You can always find a use for extra cord
Aways bring a needle and some form of thread
If you feel a hot spot or irritation to your feet stop immediately and fix it
If it can leak put it in a plastic bag
Make sure you don't camp under a dead tree or limb
If you bring canned food don't forget the opener
Always carry extra matches/lighter/flint
Garbage bags make handy emergency clothes

2006-05-07, 11:56
Good list. Some of these are similar but different:
- Build it yourself so you know you can repair it yourself.
- Build it in the field so you know you can repair it in the field.
- Standardize materials and methods so will need less tools and spares.
- Use all your stuff regularly so that you know what works for you.
- Have more than one way of starting a fire, and use them all.
- Stop and swap out your socks regularly, to check and cool your feet.
- Learn to bug out quickly and efficiently so you will hike more often.

Here is something I have been thinking more about recently:
If you go out to learn how to gather and use food, flavours, tools, materials from the field by actually going out and doing stuff yourself then you will naturally become more knowledgeable and aware of your surroundings, and learn other stuff besides what you set out to do. For example, if don't bring tea or coffee next time perhaps you might learn to make tea of coffee from the woods. Similarly, you might learn a lot about a lot of different things by trying to hunt squirrels and other such critters with a primitive weapons or traps made in the woods, even if you never actually catch one. You might even learn more by trying to figure stuff out without taking a course or reading about it in a book first. How do I summarize this as a tip?
- Consider learning and using as much as you can directly from nature.
- Consider using stuff from nature in everyday life, rather than the opposite.
- Consider making thoughtful holiday and birthday gifts out in the field.

Somebody oughta send Top Rock a set of walrus jaw bookends or something. :captain:

Hog On Ice
2013-05-17, 06:50
some other tips including a few from JERMM: http://tipnut.com/camping-treats/

SGT Rock
2013-05-17, 07:17
For the UL, use straws cut to size for spice containers.

2013-05-17, 23:21
Carry the 10 Essentials.
Pack light.
Know how to utilize your environment.
Leave No Trace.
Take great pictures.

2013-05-18, 01:25
Don't forget the Gold Bond.

All else is luxury.

2013-05-18, 01:53
You can skip to minute 3:30 to get this sage advice.

2013-05-19, 11:40
Don't forget the Gold Bond. ...

You'll know it's working when you start screaming :argh: and jumping! :trytofly: :D

Hog On Ice
2013-05-19, 12:52
especially that green bottle stuff

2013-05-19, 16:03
You can skip to minute 3:30 to get this sage advice.

I was the king of extra socks. I used them to tie my antenna sections when I couldn't get the whole thing up. I kept my c-rations in my extra socks. I kept any loose stuff in my extra socks.