View Full Version : Tarp Recommendations for a HH Explorer Ultralight

2006-05-10, 15:31
I have a JRB 8x8 this is perfect for my wife's HH Ultralight Backpacker. I am looking for a tarp with comparable coverage, simplicity, and weight for my HH Explorer Ultralight.


Just Jeff
2006-05-10, 15:59
MacCat: www.outdoorequipmentsupplier.com

2006-05-10, 16:08
I want the simplicity of a square tarp. The ODES's 10'x10' Silnylon Tarp (which I think is the size I am looking for) weighs 22 oz.

This seems like a lot considering the JRB 8x8 comes in at 9.4 oz and the MacCat Deluxe is 13.8 oz.

I guess what I am looking for is a tarp with the MacCat Deluxe materials in a 10' x 10' or 9' x 9' size.

Hog On Ice
2006-05-10, 16:48
I agree with Just Jeff - even though it is 2 more stakes its worth it. The problem with the 10x10 is that the seam is not going to be diagonal and as a result it won't be on the ridge line like the 8x8 and MacCat has the ridge line. As to why - it has to do with the width of the sil nylon as it comes from the factory - standard width is 60 inch iirc which is enough to get an 8x8 with a diagonal seam but not enough for a 10x10.

Just Jeff
2006-05-10, 17:03
Well, if 8x8 is too small and you want light, there's not much to choose from...

If you're willing to take a weight penalty, there are a few, but not many. I'd think a 10x10 might even need extra stakes with all that extra material. It'll cause a lot of force on the two ground stakes, so in wet weather they might pull out.

If you're willing to carry two more stakes, there are lots of 8x10 models to choose from.

Personally, I'd stick with the MacCat, though.

2006-05-10, 20:08
:idea: Now I get it! I didn't realize there was a constraint based on the size of the raw materials. Nor did I realize something that big would have sag issues.

I love the simplicity of the square tarp (I used to use two old canvas shelter halves and a couple of sticks as a tent) but I need to let go . At least until I have enough hanging experience to be able to use 8x8 effectively and stay dry.

Once I figure out what size will work for the Explorer I'll order a MacCat

Thank you all for the help!

Just Jeff
2006-05-10, 20:30
I love the simplicity of the square tarp

I like it, too - I go back and forth between the JRB 8x8 and the MacCat Standard and love them both...just depends on what mood I'm in, really. I posted a comparison between the two here if you're interested:

Just Jeff
2006-05-11, 14:37
This was just posted at WB - might be worth looking at.


$50, 10x10 tarp shown hung diagonally (14' 6" ridgeline), and it has extra tie-outs along the edges in case you need more support.

I'm a bit skeptical of the 22 oz weight for a polyester tarp that size, though. According to the website, it's 10'3" square, made from 2.3 oz polyester taffeta - the math works out to 26.8 oz before any seams, grommets, or tie-outs. Neo's 9x9 is 23 oz...and this has an additional 2+ yds of material.

I guess it's possible...be sure to report back if you get it.

2006-05-12, 18:46
A buddy of mine has the 12 x 12 version of the Noah's Tarp. He uses it for family camping via a canoe so weight does not concern him it all. His only complaint is how high you have to hang it to have any headroom due to how deep it curves.

Just Jeff
2006-05-12, 23:09
Couldn't he just hang it like an A-frame? Two more stakes, but it seems like it wouldn't curve so low that way.