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2006-05-27, 05:20
For the past month or so I've had a recurring pain in my left knee.
It only occurs when I stand after I've been sitting for a while, such as in the car.
I have sharp pains and it feels like my knee doesn't want to support me.
It's also feels weak to the sides like it could give out in a direction it isn't supposed to bend.
It feels like I've ripped some ligaments.
Then I bend it a few times and it goes away.

Any ideas?

2006-05-27, 09:24
Get someone to look at it, and make damned sure that you don't have an actual mechanical injury in there. Then you have some options:

It's likely just an old guy problem with the ligaments and tendons. You use ice for swelling and then apply heat to increase circulation to the area. I have tendonitis in my right elbow and two creaky knees that see a lot of heating pads and Tiger Balm.

In the trail, I have taken to hiking 50 minutes of every hour, and taking a 10 minute break where I sit down and get a load off my feet. This is apparently a technique used by the Canadian Defense Forces and I have found that it just makes a lot of difference in how long I have to sit with the heating pads on.

Oh...and Tiger Balm patches are a Godsend.

Warm baths help as well. I few drops of Lavender oil and you won't even smell like a guy!

2006-05-27, 11:35
Dropkick, you didn't say where in your knee it hurts, ie behind the kneecap, lateral (away from the midline) etc. Based on your description, i'd say you have a small meniscal tear, it's not bad yet, if it were you'd be seeking help instead of posting here. The flap "catches" occasionally and causes a sharp pain, then it folds back down and the pain goes away. One way to diagnose this is to go swimming and do a lot of funky kicks in the water. Movement without bearing weight will usually precipitate this. The treatment is arthroscopic surgery, it is routinely done, find an orthopedic surgeon who does it routinely, not occasionally.
If the pain is on the outside of the knee, it is most likely a tight illiotibial band. This is a long muscle that runs from your hip to your lower leg. The treatment is streching. Go to military.com and look up the fitness articles by a former navy SEAL named Stew Smith, he has a streching routine that addresses this and everything else.
If it is arthritis, you need to get on a good glucosimine, chondrotin formula, you probably need to do this anyway. Nature made has a good formula. There is a synthetic synovial (joint) fluid the doc can inject into your joint capsule now that works well, it is made from rooster combs (really). Think STP for knees.

2006-05-27, 23:25
Warm baths help as well. I few drops of Lavender oil and you won't even smell like a guy!
But I've been working at smelling like a guy my whole life....
It's one of the things I'm best at.

2006-05-27, 23:38
Thanks for the info and advice.
I really hope it's not something requiring surgery.
I'm going to try stretching before I try anything else.
It might not be very smart, but I avoid doctors as much as I possibly can.
(spent too much time with them all ready)
Already do Glucosomine, started several years ago on the advice of my dogs veterinarian.

2006-05-28, 00:21
Dropkick, I hope what you have wrong with your knee will resolve itself. It may just be an inflammed bursa and that usually does. If you do have a meniscal tear that won't resolve itself. The orthopedic doc will do the procedure by making three small holes in your knee, through one of those holes goes a little device that will trim that torn flap...problem solved. The little divot sometimes will even heal up, depending on where it is. It can be done with spinal anesthesia so you don't have to undergo the risk of being put to sleep. You'll be moving around really quick, not much down time. The only serious risk is an idiot surgeon (always a possibility) and an infection in the joint capsule (these are tough to treat, usu several weeks of IV antibiotics). This doesn't happen often to healthy people. Whatever you do, good luck.