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2006-06-13, 09:39
Just got on the scale, and boy am I pissed. Last year I made a great effort and lost 35 lbs. Just got on the scale, and guess what...most of it is back.

Don't get me wrong. You might think I am (a bit or alot) crazy, but I like being larger than most. Size can be used to your advantage. Size can be intimidating. (Ya' I know, I need counselling...) But, I cleared 300lbs yesterday, and this is just too much. Too much blubber in places. So, I am going to dump some weight. It is time to lose a few pounds.

I do understand that weight loss should be accomplished thru a lifestyle change. Diets don't generally work for the long haul. My wife gets sort of pissed off with me when I have dieted in the past cause I weigh in daily, always letting her know when I lose more weight... But, it has worked for me in the past....

Currently working at a computer terminal each day...this is not helping the situation...

Here is my plan;
Eat less.
Eat healthier, less fat, more natural fiber.
Eat less.
1 Mile per day on the treadmill at maximum Incline as the kids eat breakfast each day.
Drink more water.
Eat less.
Walk 30 minutes in place of lunch at work.

More fish, veggies, fruit. Less peanut butter. :bawling: (Iceman like Peanut butter)

Please feel free to share any tips or advise, I am all ears...

Just Jeff
2006-06-13, 10:36
Here are some tips that I've tried in the past.

First of all, never sit down for more than an hour at a time. (I'm not doing so well on this one right now.)

It's so easy to come home from work and watch a few TV shows, and before you know it, it's bed time and I've been on my butt for like 4 hours. So sit and watch a show, then go clean out the garage for 15-30 minutes. Then maybe check email/forums for less than an hour, then go wrestle with the kids or walk around the block for 20 minutes. Cutting grass, washing the car, painting the mailbox, walking to the neighbor's house, window shopping - anything besides sitting down.

Pretty easy in principle - until you see that a great show is on next or the forums have a new thread that'll take more than the allotted time to read. Then it takes some discipline.

Also, don't drive around the parking lot looking for the closest spot. Is it really such a big parking lot that you can't walk an extra 200' to take the end spot? I bet you've taken longer side trails just to see a mediocre view, and not regretted the trip.

Take the steps up a flight or two of stairs, instead of the elevator. It's only like a 25' elevation change - not something you'd even consider a climb if you were hiking. For some reason, stairs are like record players in our society - people barely even know how to use them anymore!

But the FIRST thing you should do is set goals, WRITE THEM DOWN, and put them in a place where you'll see them EVERY DAY. Like the fridge - which, conveniently, means you'll be looking at your progress every time you reach for a snack. My goal list is pretty simple - it's a table where I check off how many pushups/situps I did and how far I walked or ran that day, with a block for my weight on Monday (I only weigh once a week, first thing in the morning after I pee and before I eat or drink.) But the key is to put it somewhere that you can't avoid looking at it throughout the day.

Goals don't have to revolve around "Lose 5 lbs by August 1st." Make them something more immediate...daily is good. - Like the 1 mile on the treadmill. Then put a block to check it off each day, so you're constantly reminded of it if you skipped a day. Maybe a block for how much time you sat on your butt that day when you could have been active...see how low you can get your weekly totals. Every week that you break your lowest record by 10 minutes or more, reward yourself with a hike, or a new piece of gear, or a new book - doesn't matter what it is, as long as you think of it as your reward.

Just a few things I try to do.

Oh, and one thing I haven't done but I've heard it works for buffing up or slimming down. Take a few pics in your swim trunks. Front on and profile. Get one with your arms out so you can see the size and shape. Do this every month or two so you can compare. The changes happen so slowly that you barely notice, but if you can compare it to the previous 2-3 months of pictures you can really see the difference - and that motivates you keep going. This is also good b/c as you replace fat with muscle your weight might not change much, but you'll really be able to see it in the pictures.

Like I said - just some ideas...take what you like and leave the rest. Good luck with your fitness!

2006-06-13, 13:05
Jeff had some good ideas, especially the picture thing. I'll put in my 2cents.

1) Minimize unhealthy fat, ie, most fat in anything processed, read labels, and if it says "partially hydrogentated ANYTHING", put it back on the shelf. A lot of people think this stuff is causing our current epidemic of type II diabeties, they know it'll set you up for a heart attack or a stroke. You can't, or shouldn't, eliminate all fat. Vitamins A,D,E & K are only absorbed with fat only. Only use butter or olive oil, prefferably the latter. DO NOT USE ANY SORT OF MARGERINE. While trying to lose weight eat at least 20% of your calories from healthy fat. Once you get to your goal, eat 30% of your calories from fat. Flaxseed oil is about the healthiest stuff you can swallow, I put it on my salads, cod liver oil is good. These boost metabolism.

2) Stay away from sugar, use alternatives like stevia or xylitol (sugar alcohol). When you do prepare something with sugar in it, cut the amount in half, you'll get used to it. Don't drink any sodas, the diet sodas aren't healthy, but I don't think one a day will hurt anyone. Just don't drink them like water. Speaking of water, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of good, pure water everyday, ie, you weigh 200#, drink 100oz of water every day. If you are on municipal water, I reccomend a filter to get the chlorine out of it.

3) Eat complex carbohydrates, whole grains with every meal, but don't overeat them. Always try to consume protein everytime you eat carbs, this slows down the absorption of the carbs and reduces their likelyhood of being stored as fat. IE whole wheat muffin with natural peanut butter. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit and eat it with a small meal, not alone.

4) Eat 5-6 small meals everyday, this is counterintuitive but it works. I didn't say eat five large meals per day, calories still count but small meals boost your metabolism. Nutritionists have taught diabetics to eat like this for decades, bodybuilders first and now atheletes have found that it works. When this isn't practical, carry protein bars and protein shakes for your small meal. I grind up my vitamins and supplements and put them into my shakes.

5) Eat as many vegetables as you can, cook whatever you like, and figure out how to cook what you don't like so you'll eat it. I hate cooked spinach, I'll eat it raw. I wash lettuce, shred carrots, grate low-fat cheese (the protein thing again) keep mushrooms diced peppers ready to dump in a bowl for a quick salad, prepare all this stuff at night, this will keep you on your feet and away from the remote. I use no fat salad dressing and add the flaxseed oil for healthy fat. When you cook veggies, use olive oil to season them.

6) Start lifting weights, dumbells are a good way to start, I think two days per week are enough, with two days rest between workouts. Once a man reaches 40 or so, he starts to loss about a pound of muscle every year, past 50 this accelerates. A low fat, low protein diet accelerates this, I think. Jack La Lane is in his 90s and he's lost muscle mass but he's still got way mor than most and he is still a STUD.

7) Get 3 cardio workouts that will get your heart rate up to 70% of max for your age. IE 40yo = 220-40= 180 beats per min MAX heart rate. 70% of max = 126 bpm. Once this gets easy, shoot for 80% one workout per week for at least 20min.

8) I probably should have put this first, get a physical and keep a watch on your blood pressure.

2006-06-14, 01:27
I am also a big guy working all day on my terminal.
I have found a few simple things that keeps me in better condition.
NO sugar as Take-a-knee states, but I almost never touch sweets at all, this means no sugar or sweetning in coffee, no cake, no sodapops - Water o plenty.
Fat is also bad especially fat from milk (butter kills at least 50 Danes a year), so I never use butter nor cream, low fat mayo on the bread is much better if you need anything below your ham. Actually just drinking 2 coffee-latte a day can add serveal kg to your frame every year.
Eat only what you like and teach yourself to say stop when you do not need any more food - This was very hard for me, since I have always learned that I should finish my plate.
When hauling coffee I almost always gather a few collegues and we raid the good coffemachines at floor-level before venturing back up to fourth floor, using the stairs.
This has not helped me loose weight, but it has stopped me gaining weight and thereby making it easier for me to loose weight.

Best of Luck Iceman!

2006-06-14, 05:22
Iceman, there's a book that has helped a lot in controlling my weight. "Fit for life" by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond describes a simple way of eating according to natural hygiene. It all sounds a bit strange at first when you start reading it but trust me, it works. An added bonus is that the book was first published in the eighties so it's possible to buy cheap both on and offline. Amazon has used copies of it from 1 cent...

The army weight control regulations that you can find here (http://www.usapa.army.mil/pdffiles/r600_9.pdf) (that's a PDF) has a good way of measuring body fat. Muscle weighs eight times more than fat so it's possible to gain weight if you start training when trying to loose fat. The fat measuring method of the army document shows the difference in body fat better than a normal scale would. Top has the army weight control document linked on his going light (http://hikinghq.net/going_light.html) page.

Seems like the biggest hazard to us all is the terminal we work at every day. :bawling:

2006-06-14, 09:18
Yeah, like you need more unsolicited advice! I'm going to put my two cents in anyway. Try reading (and following!) Body for Life by Bill Phillips. As with all other books and methods, take a few grains of salt with it, but this is generally just plain & simple stuff - eat right and exercise. Tony Horton's Power90 DVD's are also excellent.

I weigh 15 pounds less - with my pack on - than when I started. Man, that makes a huge difference.

Good luck, we're all pulling for ya!

2006-06-14, 10:09
[QUOTE=deadeye]Yeah, like you need more unsolicited advice! I'm going to put my two cents in anyway. /QUOTE]

Hey, I am open to any and all unsolicited advice. Thanks to all so far, and hopefully some more. Please feel free to throw in your two cents. All good info so far. Others may benefit as well...not just my thick self...

I know I will have no problem losing some weight. (Already lost a bit, but at this stage it doesn't really count...) Usually when I take something on, I attack it. The real problem will be maintenance. Besides, if I attack the diet plan, lose some weight fast, I think this isn't neccesarily the best approach. But this is psycologically satisfying to see some progress....

2006-06-14, 10:55
Here's some more encouragement for you, Iceman... I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 at the end of january this year. You could be next.

2006-06-14, 16:01
I hear yah. I was down to 180#. Now I am back up over 225#.

Here are some ideas that work for me sometimes:
1. Get a heart rate monitor. It keeps things from getting too boring. 120bpm is good for burning fat.
2. At 300 pounds you don't need incline. Just walking you will be in the zone. Use just enough incline and variation to keep it from getting too boring. Use you weight to its fullest advantage by considering ALL walking good exercise.
3. You will burn more calories per hour walking up hill, but you will burn just as much fat per hour by walking on a flat surface and you will be able to walk longer and burn more fat if you keep it reasonably flat, but not to boring. Count hours per week, not miles.
4. Shoot for 30-60 minutes per day with a really long walk once a week. Drink water but don't take any calories during the exercise, except for long walks over 1 hour. If you really like gatoraide dilute it to 50% or less.
5. Reward exercise. Shoot for 1500 calories per day plus 500 calories for every hour of exercise. You don't need to eat the 500 calories right away. During and right after exercise is a good time to fill up on lots and lots of water. Then reward yourself.
6. Try to keep all your meals under 500 calories, 3-5 meals per day. Homemade lentil soup is very filling. Vinager and pepper have zero calories. Don't be afraid to experiment, but don't go over 500 calories per meal. Anything goes.
7. You only need to count calories for a week. Then it is second nature. You will learn what is filling but not fattening.

You should be able to lose a pound of fat for every 6 hours of walking.
I would shoot for an hour a day and 6 hours on Sunday for 2 pounds/week.
After your long Sunday walk you can have a proper Sunday meal as long as you didn't eat too much on the trail.
Eat as much as you want to and eat whatever you want to, but only for this one meal. Try not to snack at night.

Just Jeff
2006-06-14, 16:27
Someone told me they had lost 10 pounds simply by not eating after 6pm - no other changes. Reason - after 6pm it was mostly snacks like sweets and chips, and also b/c of how your body metabolizes calories...turns to fat quicker while you're sleeping or something like that.

2006-06-14, 16:32
That sounds like me. I binge like crazy at night.
When I start exercising I am not so bad.

2006-06-14, 18:41
The jury is still out on the "Don't eat after five PM" thing. If you are eating chips and other foul stuff it is probably good not to eat late. If you are getting a lot of exercise it is probably a good thing to eat something at night because it will preserve muscle. If you are lifting weights, and I think everyone should lift weights (I said lift weights, not become a bodybuilder, they are not the same thing), then you need something that contains protein before bed, especially if you eat an early supper. I usually end my day with a glass of milk with a little Khalua in it, and maybe a graham cracker. The milk and the cracker make complete protein. Milk(or cheese) and any grain or any grain and a legume (bean or pea) makes complete protein for the human body,but they have to be eaten together.
Having said all that, total calories still count, you have to burn more than you eat to lose weight, keeping you blood sugar from bottoming out by eating many small meals each day WILL make most people burn more calories. Also, exercise is essential for any healthy lifestyle, and you HAVE to EAT to be able to exercise.
It probably isn't healthy to lose more than 2 Pounds/week. One pound/week is probably ideal. One pound of fat equals about 3500-3600 calories, if you don't consume (or burn) 500cal/ day more than you eat you will lose a pound per week. You should also weigh yourself at the same time each day since your body weight fluctuates during the day.

2006-06-14, 19:08
[QUOTE=IcemanThe real problem will be maintenance. Besides, if I attack the diet plan, lose some weight fast, I think this isn't neccesarily the best approach. But this is psycologically satisfying to see some progress....[/QUOTE]

Maintenance. Therein lies the rub doesn't it? This may help:


-Don't think of it as 'dieting' or 'maintaining'. Try to discover what foods and food routines will allow you to be content, healthy, and fit for the rest of your life and eat that way all the time.
-Looking at all the possible diets is only useful until you figure out which one you can stay on forever.
-Since you're a Big'un, be sure to try the "Sugarbusters" book. No sugar, good carbs, and plenty of good fats. But, as with any method of eating, if you aren't content living with it then jettison it and try something else.
-if you must weigh yourself frequently, limit it to once per week on the same day each week and preferably at the same time of day.


-For big guys the way to start IMO is lifting weights and walking. Our bodies seem to love and respond to resistance exercise and the walking will help burn calories too.
-After you lose some weight and start feeling bulletproof, start running if your joints can take it. Running sheds pounds wicked fast.
-days off exercise are just as important as workout days.


-When you splurge don't beat yourself up. Just start back in again.
-If you find yourself unable to stop splurging, you may be eating the wrong foods for you. Try something else.

In short, figure out what works for you and do it all the time. Good Luck! :)

Just Jeff
2006-06-14, 22:34
Also, try to include all flavors in each meal. Salty, bitter, sweet, etc...that helps satisfy the palate and makes you feel fuller. Including a small dessert after the meal may keep you from craving sweets afterwards...especially if you know you'll get another dessert later. Helps you manage portions and keep from snacking.

2006-06-15, 00:59
Wow, you all said a mouthful. I lost one pound just reading it all! But seriously, excellent points and tips by all. I really do appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge. Thanks. :adore: :adore: :adore:

2006-07-10, 19:25
This is a good thread.
I'll add my support for lifting weights. It's important that you not "lose weight" but get the weight you have in shape. Muscle is 4x as dense as fat and burns energy 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Build muscle.
It's easier to concentrate on what TO do rather than what not to do. Steer yourself toward new, good habits. Do what it takes to build muscle (lift, eat like an athlete, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, lots of cardio) and you'll lose the fat.
Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Just Jeff
2006-07-10, 21:21
I was just thinking about this thread yesterday and remembered another tip. I worked with a girl who would ask for a to-go box whenever we went to a restaurant for lunch - only she asked for it when the food was first brought to the table. Before she started eating, she would cut each portion in half and put it in the box - then eat the half of each item left on the plate. Later, she had a whole meal to eat that was just the right size for the 5-6 small meals you're supposed to eat each day. That takes more discipline than I've ever been able to muster, though...

2006-07-18, 21:29
I worked with a girl...
Chasing girls would probably help you lose weight, too. :biggrin:

2006-07-18, 23:57
Chasing girls would probably help you lose weight, too. :biggrin: Reminds me of an old joke:
Johnny were getting a bit chubby, so he goes to the local gym.
The manager at the gym presents Johnny with their two special weight loosing programs - The Regular at 100$ and the Sublime at 250$.
Johnny wants to try the regular first.

The gym manager asks Johnny to strip and brings him to a large hall. At the other end of the hall a young, nude and beautiful woman enters. She giggles and shouts to Johnny : "If you catch me, I am yours" . . . . .
Never did Johnny run that much and he looses 3kg in a single session thus without catching the woman.

After a few days Johnny really gets hooked on loosing more weight so he goes to the gym again and asks the manager for the Sublime session. Again he strips and is taken to the large hall.

Johnny stretches his muscles and prepares himself for the hunt of the year, while waiting for the woman to enter.
But suddenly a gorilla enters - It growls : "If I catch you, you will be mine . . . . . . !"