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2006-06-24, 01:53
Yesterday I went to the local refuge for a quick walk with my dog.

When we got out of the truck a rabbit bolted into the brush nearby. I didn't really see it except for a quick flash.I didn't think much about it, as I see cottontails every so often. I went on with the walk.

When I got back I could see the rabbit under my truck, it was a domestic. Probably an Easter bunny some idiot had "set free".

I tied up my dog and went over towards it. It allowed me to get very near before moving away. I moved closer and tried to pick it up, it bolted into the brush. I stuck around for a short while, but it didn't come back out.

I decided if it was still there to try catching it today. I took a piece of an old sheet to use as a net, and my dog and I went back to the refuge. I parked the truck in the same place and went for a walk again. When I got back the rabbit was under my truck again.

I tied my dog up.

I tried to entice it out with some plants I pulled up from across the road. It came out far enough to eat out of my hand, but still not close enough for me to grab. I tried thowing the sheet, scared it, and it returned to the brush.
Waited awhile but it didn't come back out. I went home to dinner. Saw a weasel across the road, when leaving, and hoped it was just here for the gophers.

Left the dog home and came back after dinner. Brought some lettuce and an old dog crate, thought I might be able to get it to go in. Set it up by the truck and moved off a ways.

Sat down on a stool I brought with me and was playing with some string I'd found in my pocket, wishing I'd brought a book, when the rabbit came out and hopped up to me.

I tried to get in close enough to grab it, but it stayed just out of reach. I tried to herd it towards my truck and the dog crate (plus my back up plan - a towel I was going to try to cover it with - heavier than the sheet) but it wouldn't herd and kept acting like it might go back to the bush.

I sat back down on the stool, the rabbit calmed down and moved closer. I pulled out the string and formed a loop. Wished I had a longer piece as the string was maybe 5 foot total length. I threw it like a lasso and just barely hooked the rabbits back foot, pulled it tight and picked up the rabbit before it could escape.

It kicked a little, but didn't scream, and soon calmed down. I put it in the crate and brought it home.

It seems to like me, as it follows me around the house and allows me to pick it up now. However, I can't keep it, as there are covenants against it where I'm living now, and I don't know how my dog and it would get along.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see if the shelter will take it (if it's open). The longer I keep it the harder it's going to be to give up.

Just Jeff
2006-06-24, 12:23
You old softie. :p

2006-06-24, 15:54
My neighbors think our two goats are cute. They look all queer when we tell them their names are Brisket and Chopper. I'm hoping they'll weigh about 100 lbs each by November.
Sorry, sort of off topic.

Just Jeff
2006-06-24, 17:13
We had a goat when I was about 4. His name was Max and I used to ride him around the little farm we had. Then one day at dinner my parents about fell out of their chairs when I said, "Boy, Max sure is good!"

2006-06-24, 22:04
You old softie. :p
I'm just a big wuss.

I grew up around ranches but not on one.
I have helped slaughter and butcher all kinds of animals, but it's different if you raised or cared for them.

Raised some chickens a short while back and had a hard time culling the roosters. Went from least likable to most. Had one of the last ones cuddle into my arms as I carried him to the block. Still bothers me.

Maybe it's inherited, my Dad who did grow up on a ranch, told me when I started raising chickens that he'd help with everything except slaughtering.
When the time came, Dad went camping so he wouldn't even be near.

--Later had to give the hens to a cousin, as I sold my house and moved to an area where I couldn't have them. But some day I'll get chickens again and have to repeat the whole thing. - unless I can find someone else to do it for me.

2006-06-26, 10:06
In January we bought our first breeding stock of Barbados Sheep. In March someone dropped off a very healthy female Pygme -sp? goat so I went and bout a billy that was about the same age. They are all breeding! Since they are breeding stock I let the kids name them. We also bought 6 hens and 20 roosters. I told the kids we wouldnt' be naming the chickens, they could just call them dinner!
I worked in an office with a high stress job until last spring when I decided there were more important things to life. Since then we have started our small farm and enjoy camping and hiking as often as possible.

Living the simple life,

2006-06-26, 20:51
"I told the kids we wouldnt' be naming the chickens, they could just call them dinner!"

LMAO, Very well said though. If you eventually want to eat it, you shouldn't name it. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with taking a liking to a particular animal now and then and letting it run around and grown old. I think if you don't have time for a pet your not living quite right. That would be me. Hope to get there some day soon. Nice post.

Nice thread.

2006-06-27, 00:54
No matter whether it escaped or were set "free" people should take better care of their pets or see that they are put down properly.
Don't think a pet will have much fun or feel especially free, when freezing to death during winter. Then rather kill it quick and painless.

By the way Dropkick, watch your cables/electrical cords when having that little fella running around - They cut them in a flick of an eye.

My girlfriend has serveral pets here amongst this little critter:
His achievements are: Two cables, three pillows, one basket, 20cm2 wall-paper, one towel and two blankets.