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2006-07-01, 22:33
I want to get a new pair of pants for some long-distance hiking in cooler weather which hopefully I will be doing a lot more this year. i usually just like hiking in jeans because I can't stand thin or lightweight material pants. I do a lot of bushwacking through briars and stuff. But, I would like something that is atleast quick drying if not water resistant/proof. Anybody have some suggestions? Also my bidget is pretty tight so no $180 goretex pants or anything like that.

I have been looking at these pants but I don't know how heavy or durable they are. Anybody ever buy a pair? How do you like them? This company looks pretty cheap and pretty good quality.


2006-07-02, 10:32
Steinberger, I do not have experience with this particular pant, but I have about four other pieces of exofficio products, and they are all very thin/lightweight, but strong and reliable. Good products. Below is a link for a $40 option I have been thinking of buying. It is listed as a "rugged" pant. For $40 you cannot go wrong....


Campmor stuff is good. I have no problems with their stuff.....we buy at campmor often...

2006-07-02, 17:04
Check out http://www.ibexwear.com/

I have the Alpstar pant. It is a softshell pant made out of wool.

Before anyone asks, there is no itch at all!

2006-07-02, 18:20
Brigade Quartermaster sells a nylon canvas version of the 5.11 rock climbing pants. I think they are about $50. I have a pair, they are quite sturdy.

2006-07-02, 19:41
Thanks guys.

Campmor looks like a pretty good place to buy stuff, good prices and selection.

Those wool pants look nice but they are a bit overpriced for me. $180 is a bit much for pants that I could only wear in the winter.

Those nylon canvas pants sound very promising. Pretty much exactly what I was thinking. A quick drying material but with a bit of bulk to it to take some abuse or atleast help me think it will.

I have torn up jeans in some thorns I have been through which my friends call the trees from hell, covered with thorns that range from a half an inch to 2 inches in length and are very sharp and hard. Needless to say they can do a number on some pants even though I try to stay away from them.

2006-07-03, 13:52
Seen those Campmor pants often, and thought about getting them... how's the zipper holding up? does it chafe at all?

2006-07-03, 23:43
Lanthar, I do not own the campmor pants either. They just looked good to me... I do own campmor nylon camp shirts, rain gear and fleece wear for our winter camping... good stuff at a great price, zipper quality is good on these items.