View Full Version : it starts with a S and ends with a T

2003-01-16, 20:52
it comes outa of you..

and it comes outa of me..

I know what your thinking..

and you can call it that..

but let's be scientific..

and call it SCAT!!!

need another clue???
it is found in catholes and privys everywhere!!

see cathole

SGT Rock
2003-01-16, 20:53
Please bury **it.

Pencil Pusher
2004-07-25, 00:58
Never say this word in front of a Texas judge who has a buzz cut and an attitude :motz:

2005-01-03, 01:54
heres my favorite acrynom S.W.A.G. scientific wild-assed guess ,I am its no.1 user.