View Full Version : Handloops - what on earth for?

2006-07-09, 11:10
Just looked at backpackinglight and there is a pack featuring handloops.

Huh? What on earth do you use these for? Am clearly missing something because they look like the ultimate useless feature on a pack which is supposed to be ultra light.

Anyone use them?

Just Jeff
2006-07-09, 11:57
They keep your hands from swelling if you don't use hiking poles. I usually just hook my thumbs under the shoulder strap, but sometimes I hang onto the adjustor strap - thumb loops (or hand loops, I guess) mean I don't have to use my forearm muscles to actually hold on - I just hook it through.

Every time I go hiking (I just got back) I think about sewing loops into my Speed pack.

2006-07-09, 14:10
Maybe I don't hike far enough, or perhaps it's because I do use poles. If my hands were to swell, I would be inclined to hook my thumbs through existing straps rather then put more on my pack.

In fact, I've not heard of anyone's hands swelling before. Lots of feet, occassional heads, but no hands. T'is a sheltered life I lead. :-)

Just Jeff
2006-07-09, 15:42
I haven't seen that particular pack - can you post a link? Assuming we're talking about the same thing, the loops usually aren't a separate addition - you just make the shoulder strap adjustor webbing a few inches longer and sew it back onto itself. Total weight added is probably a few grams.

2006-07-09, 16:58
See the ULA relay backpack review on the front page, or

http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/ultralight_adventure_equipment_ula_relay_backpack_ review.html

Just Jeff
2006-07-09, 20:11
Huh. That's the first time I've seen completely separate hand loops. Still serves the same purpose, though.

2006-07-10, 12:13
Those loops are just what they call bells and whistles far as I can see. They are not only uneeded but down right dangerous! If you were to fall would you really want your hands in these loops like your wearing hand cuffs??!! Not this child!! :captain:

2006-07-10, 12:23
Relay pack (http://www.ula-equipment.com/relay.htm) heres a link for those who arent a subscribing member of backpackinglight. I looked at the relay pack on ULAs site and couldnt see any hand loops.Are you sure you dont mean the duel Ice axe loops on the front of the pack?

2006-07-10, 12:32
Ahhh ok ,I found the handloops listed under options. Sorry bout that!