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2006-07-09, 23:26
Hey folks,
I haven't been around much. I am way behind on posting.
Just got back from a crazy 10 day odyssey. Mere hours before leaving
on a 16hr drive to begin this trip, my JRB gear arrived in the nick of time.
I took a gamble and ditched two pcs of my primary gear on what would
prove a very rugged backcountry trek. Substituting the brand new
untested JRB gear [that was unboxed and stuffed into packs while doing
85 mph down the highway.] I am going to post up full pics and
demonstrations of how I have used the JRB gear in alternative ways near
the end of summer. I want to get 20-30 trail nights of use in the gear
and still have alot of ideas and some small modifications I want to try out
and document.

Pan, don't faint when you see my treatment of the Nest.:biggrin:

- I stuffed mine full of leaves and pine bows for extra loft
- stretched it over a sparking and poping fire to dry it out
- ground it into coarse sand having 'relations' with my other half ..
(no pics for that one ;))
- used it as a gear sling on a couple of hot nights.
- put the tarp through one raging wind storm
- used tarp to net crayfish, carry water, and weatherproof a mini teepee.

- Maybe this is redundant and somebody has done this all before and
documented it. I forgot to search the net before setting out on this.
But it doesnt matter anyways. I wanted to document it for my own
personal website.
On a side note here: Before attempting any of these things. I mentally
threw any thoughts of JRB 'warranty' out the window. It might be wise
to mention at this point that JRB makes it quite clear on their website
about care and handling. The tests I put my new equipment were
made with the very realistic possibility of damaging the gear while being
used in a manner well outside of the manufacturers original design specs.

I checked my JRB gear for manufacturers defects before use, deemed it
"passed" with flying colours .. and assumed full responsibility for any
type of damage incidental or otherwise at that point. Hope that was
clear enough. Don't blame myself or JRB if you try any of
these out for yourself. Common sense should tell you how rough is
too rough. My personal experience however has proven that JRB
gear is substantially tougher and better constructed than previous
reviews and comments I had read led me to believe.

When I get all my other tests done I will post up all the pics
and captions. Some were brilliant, some funny, some hopefully you find
"good-to-know" just in case :biggrin:

Just Jeff
2006-07-09, 23:40
Heck no - I don't know of anybody who's treated their JRBs like that! At least they haven't posted about it, anyway.

Looking forward to your website!

2006-07-10, 21:20
WoW...sounds like you had a good time and that it is good that the JRB gear is made stronger than advertised....We are waiting your full report and the pictures....lots of pictures...eh!


2006-07-11, 17:19
We all appreciate what you and your other half are doing for science.
I presume you were both wearing heart monitors and tried different positions to collect as much data as possible. :)