View Full Version : propane dehydrator

2006-07-17, 06:03
My cousin recently upgraded from a "propane barbeque" to a real barbeque that runs on wood. She now has a beat up false barbeque to get rid of, and I've thought taking it apart and using parts of it to build a dehydrator.


This is the basic idea, what do you think?

2006-07-17, 12:05
That looks like it would work, I'd keep the flex hose on the outside of the enclosure. I'll bet the biggest problem will be getting the heat low enough. Instead of sand you might use mason's fireclay (refractory cement) It comes in small bags, masons use if for laying the firebrick in fireplaces.

2006-07-17, 12:30
get lava rock like the ones they use in them bbq grills