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2006-07-21, 21:15

Maybe this is old news.
I searched for archived posts but turned up nothing.
Never heard any of you old timers mention it.
I thought it was pretty cool. He has pics of over 200 camp stoves.
Now that guy has to be inducted as our Don Stovie - Godfather of the
camp stove.

214 stove pics on one page ouch.

2006-07-21, 21:26
I agree!!!!

"Stovie Godfather" he be the Man

Good find Turk, thanks!!!!!!

2006-07-22, 01:24
Sioshio's site is pretty neat.
- I recommend you use the Mozilla browser with the extension Translate Page - You'll get a lot more out of his site.-

His site was the first place I was able to find out anything about a Primus butane stove that I found a while back at a thrift store.
I can't find it now though!???
Anyway, ended up getting rid of the stove - couldn't get cartridges for it and it was just a novelty to me anyway.

If your interested, I did find a picture of it here - Primus 2255 - little over half way down this page:

Here's some other stove sites that might interest you:



Plus the essential homemade stove sites



P.S. Zen stoves was were I got introduced to this site.