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2006-07-22, 20:01
Met blackbishop351 at his house in Greensboro. We were planning on doing an overnighter but the weather threatened to be really bad. Normally this isnt a problem but I had my 5 year old son along. Those are my excuses. blackbishop351's excuse is that he couldn't find a dog sitter.

We just did a little day hike along a nature trail near a lake. I'm sure that blackbishop351 can chime in and give a few more details. I cooked a little lunch on my ION stove for my son and I. Mmmmmmmmm, easy mac-n-cheese. Gotta love that freezer bag cooking. I think that I converted blackbishop351 to alcohol stoves. Canister stoves are evil.

Checked out blackbishop351's HH. My son loved that thing. Gonna have to get him one now.

Thats about it. 1 1/2 drive to meet my 3rd person from this site. Great time had by all. I'm pretty sure that blackbishop351 thinks I'm insane though.

2006-07-22, 22:25
Ok, now time for MY trip report! lol By the way, Jim (and everybody else here who feels the need) is welcome to call me Keith! It's alot easier!

Went to sleep around 5am...yes, went to SLEEP then! I wasn't sure when Jim was heading up this morning, so I set my alarm for 10am. I woke around 9 and checked my phone. He'd called at 8, saying he was leaving his house! Crap! I no later threw on some clothes than I heard knocking at my door. lol

We went on a short but very fun hike around the Greenway in north Greensboro. We had originally planned to do an overnight in my old stomping ground, Uwharrie National Forest, but like Jim said, circumstances prevented. Regardless, I had a great time. I got to test a hammock support idea, check out Jim's Ion stove, and have a blast watching his son play around and LEARN stuff! Makes me anxious to have one of my own! Kid, not Ion...lol

I was really impressed with the Ion. Great job, Sarge! And great idea getting Jim to use one, 'cause he did an excellent job demonstrating/advertising for ya! lol I still don't know if I'm ready to give up my canister, but I definitely have a much higher opinion of alcohol than I did previously.

As for my HH, I had thought about making a slap-strap style setup using directional figure-8 knots in the factory HH support line. It failed utterly. Apparently, though a thorough bit of internet knot research hadn't revealed this, a directional figure-8 won't hold a load on its running line, only on its loop. The loop I clipped into held great, but the others (daisy chain type setup) collapsed. Oh well, back to the old drawing board!

This was my first time meeting someone from the forums (here and WB), and I was very impressed. Jim's a genuinely nice, generous guy, and a great father from what I can tell, too. I'm looking forward to a repeat trip ASAP!

2006-07-24, 14:44
My weekend seemed longer than the week of leave I just took a while ago. All it takes is a nice day hike to recharge the batteries. Cant wait to get out again and do an overnighter.