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2006-07-27, 18:58
SGT Rock will be home tomorrow for his mid tour leave! :elefant:

Just thought I'd let y'all know that. :biggrin:

2006-07-27, 18:59
How fantastic for you! :elefant:

2006-07-27, 20:03

Anykind of get together planned?

I mean besides the family kind. How about a HikingHQ get together?

2006-07-27, 20:28
Again, Dixie, this is great news.

2006-07-27, 20:30
Thanks y'all.

He's taking the boys on an overnighter on the BMT. Here's what he posted about that on WhiteBlaze...

I'm planning to hit the Slickrock Trail right up on Slickrock Creek near where Stiffknee trail and the Slickrock trail join. The plan is to hike out there on the 3rd and spend the night watching cowboy TV and playing around in the creek. Then hike out in the afternoon on the 4th - got company coming.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by where all the hammocks are.

2006-07-27, 20:31

Anykind of get together planned?

I mean besides the family kind. How about a HikingHQ get together? :damnmate:
Congrats!!! I'm sure you will all make the most of it.

p.s. Nice of you to share him DC, if only for a day. :)

2006-07-27, 20:33
I can see it now... Hammocks and tents everywhere. LOL.

Just Jeff
2006-07-28, 01:28
Great news - I'm sure he'll enjoy every minute of his time with you guys.

2006-07-28, 09:41
I'm sure you guys are gonna have a great time! Tell Sarge that everything he's doing is appreciated - his service, the forum, everything.

As far as the get-together...I'd hate to take MORE of his time away from YOU, but if something like that does happen, let me know!!

2006-07-29, 11:58
Welcome back, Rock. Have fun while you're home.

Frolicking Dino
2006-07-29, 14:17
Welcome home. Please let us know if you could use some help with the BMT while you're gone. Hope you and your sons have a nice hike.

2006-07-29, 15:29
Yes, I live in GA, if you guys need a shuttle somewhere on the BMT, let me know.

2006-07-29, 15:50
All the best Sgt Rock for a great trip home. :)

SGT Rock
2006-07-30, 05:51
On the 3rd I am taking the boys to Slickrock Creek on the BMT. Matt may be bringing his buddy, and I know at least one of my friends is going to stop by. So the plan is to camp near the intersection of Stiffknee and Slickrock Creek Trail. We are staying overnight and then leaving in the afternoon the next day because family from out of town will be coming. If anyone is in the area stop by the place where all the hammocks will be.

2006-07-31, 00:14
SGT...I'm so glad you're home...have a great time with the family. Thanks for everything you do. You all were so kind to me when my son got home...it brings tears to my eyes when someone gets home. Be safe. :adore:

2006-08-04, 11:31
:cheers: I glad to see Sarge has made out ok and is getting a Well deserved break!!!

2006-08-05, 01:30
Just happened to stop in to see if there was an update from Sgt. Rock....wow, glad to hear he's ok and home, even though for a little while.