View Full Version : Hex Fly for HH Ultralight

2006-07-29, 22:13
Looking for a SilNylon hex fly for my HH Ultralight Backpacker Asym. There was a post that someone in this forum made them for a reasonable price?

2006-07-29, 23:04
Brian McMillan at Outdoor Equipment Supply (OES). His cat tarps are superb. If you want two tie outs per side, go with OES. If you want only one tie out per side, go with a JRB tarp. Both the "Jacks" (JRB products) and Brian are posters here. If you haven't yet bought a Hennesey Hammock you can order them sans factory tarp for $49 less. If you haven't looked at JRB's quilts, give them a look.

2006-07-29, 23:07
More than likey you heard about the MacCat. AWESOME all around, design and construction are perfect.


Great product and Brian provides very good customer service.

Just Jeff
2006-07-31, 02:15
Yep - highly recommend both the JRB and the MacCat. I put up some reviews here:



The heavier Sportsman's Guide 9x9 tarp also seems to be becoming popular. It's not sil so it's about 24 oz...vs ~13 for a MacCat Standard and ~9 for the JRB...but it's also only $40.

2006-07-31, 19:53
Thx y'all for your comments and links... great info. I am going with the MacCat.

2006-08-03, 12:14
Hi Everyone,

Just so everyone knows, I am back from my vacation (3 weeks in Germany, which was wonderful), and I will be starting up shop and getting everything on my website back to normal probably tomorrow. Thanks again for your kind comments.