View Full Version : Hammocking in the Southwest

2006-07-31, 13:19
My wife and I are heading out west in the beginning of October to back pack the Paria River Canyon and to wander around the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

We converted to hammocks this spring and dread (but have accepted) having to sleep on the ground while hiking Paria. However from what I hear there are plenty of trees on the north rim of the canyon.

So here are a few question

1.) I know that HHs can be setup on the ground treeless but how viable is this in practice and is it a solution that will work for about three nights? Has anyone actually done this while hiking as opposed to their back yard?

2.) Is North rim of the Grand Canyon really wooded. (I do not remember a lot of trees when the Brady's went there!)

3.) What would you do?

A - All hammock all the time, on the ground, in trees it's a hammock life for me

B - Ditch the hammock for this trip and take a tent

C - Take a tent and the hammocks. Leave whatever you are not using in the rental car

An other information about the area would be GREATLY appreciated.