View Full Version : Ion Stoves

SGT Rock
2006-08-02, 08:56
We now have a new supply of Ion stoves in stock. If you are interested in them. :beer:

2006-08-02, 12:07
Im thinking of picking up a second one for my upcoming deployment.

NOT saying that I expect my first one to break or anything.

SGT Rock
2006-08-02, 20:42
I brought one to Iraq. I actually have no use for it LOL.

2006-08-02, 20:54
Yea, I know. But they are just so damn nice to have!

SGT Rock
2006-08-02, 21:26
True. That is why I made mine. Those new canteen covers also have a pocket on them big enough for an Ion stove. A smart man would figure out how to make it strong enough to survive an IMT and still be usable then sell a bunch of them to Brigade QM or something. Right now they are ultralight and fragile :D

Maybe just a simple burner for the good old canteen stove. I know enough soldiers would buy them just because they are cool.

2006-08-02, 21:43
Simple, make a steel cover for them and get an NSN made up TOP. You can do it. That could be your retirement plan. LOL

2006-08-02, 22:22
Oh SNAP!!!

I just realized something. You couldn't have Joe running around with a little bottle of alcohol no matter what kind it was. That would be a bad thing. :cheers:

2006-08-02, 22:39
No. of course we couldn't have GI's with alcohol now, like we did for the last 200 plus years. Alcohol and personal firearms were present in all of the wars that America won, with the exception of Desert Storm, and we didn't really win that one 'cause we are over there finishing what needed doing then.