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2006-08-04, 21:42
Recent talk of using olive oil for fuel and cooking inspired me to take some thoughts of previous stove ideas and find the parts and put them together.

These are photos of of a burner that has 9 individual flames created by using fiberglass wick. I had recently made a post some where that I had tried olive oil with a large wick and it burned dirty/sooty.

This one has small flames and burns clean.

Boiled 2 cups of water in 19 1/2 min.

Alot of room for tweeking this stove.

I should be able to get it down to a 10 min. boil.

Burner weighs 56 grams with 1/4 inch of oil remaining in bottom of burner.

If you are not using wicks in your stoves, you;re not having fun!!! :elefant:

No test was made to determine the amount of olive oil used(extra Virgin)

Look at the size of that tea candle on the left compared to a standard size on the right whoooo wheeee. first time i've seen one that big!!!!!!!



2006-08-04, 22:12
Well if you take that big candle put more wicks in it it do the same as your olive oil one???
this burning veg. oil cheaper
http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/th_oillamp.jpg (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d52/oops62/oillamp.jpg)

2006-08-05, 02:28
That's great incognito. I was thinking the other day also that some of the ideas to help a wood stove burn smokeless should help an oil stove. Specifically if you have better insulation around the primary combustion chamber, and also a taller and narrowed secondary combustion zone, like a rocket stove. I would also limit the amount of oil in my stove to just enough to boil the water, same as for an alcohol stove. This will allow the oil to heat up faster, but will also be safer. I have also tried aluminum foil with the wick. But those wicks of yours look really good. Some copper wire maybe to conduct heat down to the oil. I was thinking also of preheating the oil with a tealight candle underneath, just to see the difference it makes to the flame above.

Note of extreme caution:
Those of us used to spilling or splattering burning alcohol on out arms could be in for a rude awakening if we spill or splatter hot oil or hot wax. Vegetetable oil, and wax, can reach temperatures of 450degF before it boils or ignites. A tealight can get that hot if allowed to heat up after it melts. That could burn you right to the bone. So I would only ever load enough fuel to get the job done.