View Full Version : Waterproof/resistant parka for civilian hiking...

2006-08-05, 07:41
Hey guys, we are going on a trip to Scotland for a week later this month and will be out in the Highlands with 60 deg temps and possibilities of damp/rainy weather.

Looking for a parka/jacket that is lightweight - breathable, maybe lightly lined and works well to stop (or slow) the dampness...

I would use this as a jacket during the rainy days here in Germany too...

Any ideas?

2006-08-05, 09:53

Marmot's Oracle weighs a little more than their very popular Precip. However, the added durability and awesome breathability make up for the added few ounces. Also, it has stratchy panels added in places that make this jacket my favorite for backpacking.

As for the lining, I prefer none. Instead I opt for the good ole' layering concept. If your temps are in the 60's and you are hiking hard, a lining will make even the best jacket less breathable and HOT as a sauna!!!

Good Luck,

2006-08-05, 11:17
I just bought my daughter a Marmot Precip jacket. Has anyone used this fabric and what do you think of it? Also, Rock has used the Frog Togs and likes them. I wonder how the precip stacks up against the frog togs?

2006-08-05, 18:09
I have the Frogg Toggs as well and like everything about them EXCEPT that they fit VERY loose. I'm 6'1", 180 lbs. They are cut for a much heftier guy than me. Excellent quality, softness, lightweight, and the best breathability I've found. And dirt cheap. Wind & water aren't a problem.