View Full Version : Flying with stoves

2006-08-06, 02:19
After this years summer hike I spoke to a very friendly German, who had been traveling with his Coleman stove (intergrated tank/stove) for 20 years. But on his trip to Greenland he had his stove impounded which he found out when he opened his luggage at his destination and found some papers instead of the stove. He had to cook using camp-fires, but gathering wood in the higher part of the arctic isn't that easy and unfortunately he didn't know that he could have burnt peat and/or green dwarf-birch or maybe fashioned a makeshift alcohol stove. Well at least he took it well and in good mood. Very fun guy.

We had our fueltank in the cabin-luggage, well rinsed in alcohol and dried up. No problem - We also did the seperation to ensure that if we got the fuel-bottle impounded we wouldn't also loose the fuel-pump, making us able to go on buying a new bottle or by running on LBP.
Also it was a good idea to bring a newer bottle and not one of the old bottles we have, that no matter what I do keeps smelling of jetfuel.

When we went home we again rinsed the bottle in alcohol and dried it well and again we encountered no problems.