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2006-08-19, 09:50
i started hammock camping over 4 years ago with a henn.hammock non asym ultralite backpacker i bought from tom henn at trail days 2002,but now i use
a tom claytor jungle hammock with a guide gear 12x12 woodland camo tarp
the jungle hammock has a double bottom,i insert my military ultralight thermarest pad between the 2 layers,the pad never slips.stay in place perfectly every time. :cool: neo




i bought my thermarest at an army surplus store for 20 bucks

2006-08-22, 13:03
Have you tried this Hammock in cold weather yet, I would think that pad pocket will provide a good bit of insulation.

I like my HH Delux Explorer, but I can only use it in the summer time as I'm not about to pay several hundred dollars in under quilts and such. The Web site indicates the Hammock could be used for cold weather, since you have one I thought I would ask.

Also with you're weight in the Hammock is the Zipper hard to close?

Thanks Pappy