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2006-08-19, 17:36
Don't know if anybody has already suggest this, So....

Casting around looking for the materials for a windscreen a few weeks back. Decided to use what I had on hand. Looked in the recylce bin and noticed an empty spinach can, 27 oz. Looked to be the right size for a combination windscreen/pot support. Can is a hair under 4" diameter and 4 11/16" high.

Using a can opener I cut off the unopened end. Then tried using a large church key to punch holes around the top and bottom. Mangled the can - the metal is too strong for the church key to start the hole.

Found a second empty spinach can. Got a little smarter on this one. Took the unopened end off as on the first. Then used the church key to very slightly dimple the can for 4 evenly spaced holes around top and bottom. Used a 1/8" drill to drill holes where the church key had dimpled the can (like using a punch before drilling). Then used the church key to fully open the holes where I had drilled. Once the metal was breached by the drill, the church key had no trouble in punching a full hole. Used pliers to wrap the metal from the holes punched by the church key around the can rim and flatten - wrapped twice.

Ended up with a fully enclosed cylindrical windscreen.

Start the Alcohol stove, and drop the new windscreen around the stove, set pot on top and have combination windscreen and pot support.

Weighs between 2 1/2 and 3 oz.

Cheap, quick and easy to make.

I simply clip a carabineer through a hole and then clip to my pack. It bangs back and forth a bit, but doesn't bother me.

I suppose it would be possible to devise a removable cover for one or both ends so that the new windscreen could also be used to store/carry the stove and some odds an ends. Haven't felt the need yet.

Very sturdy and stable.

The steel used is very strong.

Possible alteration: do not evenly space the top holes, but leave one stretch clean - situate pot handle there. The handle wouldn't be exposed to hot air from the stove then.

2006-08-19, 22:13

Sounds like a great design. Atraildreamer's "Goya Stove" is similar and works great. Check it out on Google for further modifications you can experiment with. Have fun!