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2006-08-20, 21:37
Blackbishop and a friend of his started out Friday night and I had to work a little later and got drunk Friday night so my story starts out Saturday morning.

A nice 2 hour drive through the countryside listening to some really great classic rock on the radio and I was at the trailhead that we decided, through a series of phone tag, to meet near.

I started at the trail head that is at the Hwy 109 crossing and headed North. after about a half a mile of hiking through spiderwebs I met up with Keith and his friend Chris coming south.

We hiked back to my van and topped off on water then headed down the trail to the South. Was hot and humid, go figure, as North Carolina is want to be. Took it slow through the BEAUTIFUL forest there.

Later on that day we got to the Yates Place campground and took a little rest. We decided that the trip was about the camping experience not the miles we put on our shoes. So we decided to stop there.

I put up my new and improved hammock:


I had doubled the ammount of bug netting that I had from last time so that my ridgeline is longer and keep the bugs farther from me. I just drape it over the ridgeline and roll up the bottom and use small binder clips to hold it there.

And my high tech tarp system that I'm using:


Im thinking about speaking with wallyworld to see if they will sponsor me on a thru hike of the AT. Never know. About 90% of what I have came from there.


We compared stoves that night and my old soda can stove with homemade windscreen/post stand kicked ass when Keith used his Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium that you cant buy at wallyworld.
Instead of sitting on the pot stand like I have to do with my pot, he had to put it directly on the top of the stove and made it a presurized stove. Boiled 2 cups of water in 2 minutes. Thats a guess since we didnt time it.


Pocket rocket on the left, my soda can stove, and my ION on the right.

SGT Rock
2006-08-21, 00:04
Looks like you may end up a real dirtbag hiker with all homemade gear before long.

Looking good!

2006-08-21, 01:30
Hey JimTanker, where is all the underbrush at back there? Looks clean.

2006-08-21, 17:56
Yea, they dont have underbrush here. NONE at all. Makes hiking much easier. That and this place is completely flat. They say that there are some "mountains" here somewhere but I've never seen any. Something about the Apalachians?? I dont know.

2006-08-21, 20:17
Hey, Jim - if there's no underbrush, what were all those spiders hanging from? lol

And as far as mountains, I know you like to talk about the PNW all the time, but we'll get up to the Smokies sometime and I'll bring a tape recorder...

The pix don't show any woods because we stayed in an 'official' campsite - something I rarely do. But my friend Chris was along, and he was having way too much fun with Jim's MRE bombs :biggrin:

2006-08-21, 20:54
Yea, MRE bombs are fun.

Iceman - Keith doesnt know what Salal or salmon berry or devils club is. Thats some killer underbrush.

And the spider webs were hanging from trees mostly.

2006-08-21, 23:09
Steep like this?

First image is from trail to the bad lake I was trying to get to, lake in distance is a different nearby lake, steep hills...west side of state, other images are steep areas we hunt...east side of state...no wonder I have 19" calves...besides being fat...

bird dog
2006-08-31, 23:51
JT - Let me know when you are back this way - I'm in Greensboro. BD