View Full Version : Ideas on a poncho

2006-08-20, 22:46
Anyone have a good idea for hooking up the back of a poncho?
I think that I might sew myself a new poncho this fall, and I'm trying to come up with a plan on how I would hook up the excess length in back when I'm not wearing my pack.

The best thought I've had so far, was some form of tie ups (ribbon?) on the inside and outside, so I could roll it and tie it.
But I think that might be kind of a mess.

I've also thought about snaps.

Any good suggestions?

-Not just on the tie-ups, I want any advice you might have about building this.

2006-08-20, 23:05
Campmor sells a little flat cordlock that has a disc inside that you pull and it locks the cord. I use them on my shoes. I think you would need four of these across the bottom of the poncho. The higher your pack comes above your shoulders, the longer this extra "tail" will need to be. As for cordage you'd need to pick something that would work with whatever cordlock or device you choose.

2006-08-20, 23:49
The ID sil-nylon extended poncho has 3 little peices of velcro so it just folds up.

2006-08-22, 11:38
i see a couple choices... snaps, ties, or velcro.

i don't think you could waterproof the snap, because of the rivet hole in the middle... works on army ponchos because they're on the edge. this would be in the middle of your leg somewhere... maybe not a big deal. heavy though.

ties-these could work... i'd go with 4 of them, maybe 5. you can seam seal the stitching and it would be fine. sort of inconvenient to tie though.

velcro-same as ties, but convenient, so that's what i'd use.