View Full Version : AMMO can stove

2006-08-23, 09:34
has anyone seen a design for a do it yourself build of a wood stove made from an AMMO can? I saw one years ago and I just came in contact with a couple of the large AMMO cans and was looing to make one for camping.

SGT Rock
2006-08-23, 13:42
I've seen one, but I don't remember how it was made. The one place you could probably find that is in one of the Ranger Digests from Ranger Rick's site.

2008-01-13, 23:50
try the wilderness way website (wwmag.com or .net, don't remember) they have an interesting article about the use of ammo can's and 5 gallon gas cans up in alaska.

2008-01-15, 23:22
the ammo cam stoves are inherently HEAVY. I made a few when the cans were free (Ft Hood). If you have an enlisted to carry your gear, knock yourself out. Otherwise, I recommend passing on that and going with the mess tent canned peaches cans. (Especially if you can talk the cooks into letting you finish off the cans yourself!)

2008-01-18, 20:51
http://www.therangerdigest.com/Tips___Tricks/AMMO_CAN_BBQ_GRILL/body_ammo_can_bbq_grill.html Heres a grill made from an ammo can on Ranger Ricks site

2008-01-19, 14:50
was wondering if someone was going to post that link, thought about posting it but only figured it was good for car camping and such. another interesting thing on that site is his bamboo survival/walking stick.

2008-01-24, 02:19
Yeah I have found a few good thing on his site.... I like the SOS necklace but it looks a tad uncomfortable to wear....