View Full Version : Gift for nonhiking hikers

2006-08-25, 05:56
For the hiker who doesn't want to hike (http://segway.com/personal-transporter/model_x2_Adventure.html)
How would you feel hiking around a corner and running into one of these?

2006-08-25, 08:32
Just what we need.....Hope this doeas not catch on.


2006-08-25, 10:36
Will it haul an Elk out of the woods? :biggrin:

2006-08-25, 11:40
that is hilarious. I cant wait to see the first idiot try and take that
rig "Real off-road". Some pretty basic physic. Take a tall
guy, right near the 260 lb limit, put him on a steep downhill ....
and then try and tell me the segway gyros are powerful or responsive
enough to overcome the face-plant. More likely, you'll find them
being dragged, all 125+lbs up hills it can't climb.

bring on the entertainment.