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Thin air
2006-08-27, 12:02
I have used aerosol premthrin to spray my clothes and hammocks. It is expensive at about $5 can, enough for one pant and shirt or one hammock.
Earlier this year I sprayed my lawn with a premethrin spray that was only about $12 to cover a very large area. It is a liquid container that hooked on to a garden hose and sprayed out with the water.
The concentration of this was greater than the spray for clothes.

Was wondering about using this liquid to spray hammocks for insect protection. You could just wet down the hammock and let it dry. Once dry, the premethrin is supposed to be harmless to humans.
I believe you can buy bug free shirts that use thios method at the factory and the military usies simliar. It would seem to be a more cost effective way to go than the aerosol.

2006-08-27, 14:06
Yes you can use a permethrin solution to soak articles of clothing. The most effecient way to do this is to place the folded item in a large ziploc bag, when the article has soaked overnight you can just pour the solution back into a container and reuse what the garment doesnt' soak up. The commercial version of this is called "Buzzoff" . I would just use the spray on my hammock, I'm wouldn't risking damaging it. The military says that the spray is good for five washings, the soak method is good for the life of a cotton garment, which in the jungle isn't very long. Some on this site have voiced a reasoned argument against the use of permethrin (where are you Verlager). Pick your poison, viral and protozoan diseases, some of which can kill you, or a slight chance of cancer. Personally, I'll eat a diet high in antioxidants (to avoid cancer) and judiciously use the permethrin. The military cautions that the garment should be washed before it is worn after it is treated, especially with the soak method.