View Full Version : Inexpensive Day pack for under $15 - Built like a tank.

Ridge Runner
2006-08-28, 20:42
Surplus Swedish Backpack for under $15 (http://www.sportsmansguide.com/cb/cb.asp?a=288311)

Excellent quality pack for the money. Not too big, not too small. Just enough space to get you home in case of an emergency or for an overnight camping trip. Upgrade the straps and kidney pad (if you want to) to ALICE and you have an excellent camping pack.

The frame is very strong and durable. Plenty of straps to tie on a tarp and sleeping bag.

The frame is solid and can take a lot of abuse. It has several tie points for the shoulder straps so you can adjust them in or outward depending on your size

The frame also has two tie points on the sides you you can strap a long blanket over the top of the pack and then tie it securely on each side (nice feature!).

There are two vertical tie points on the pack. You can secure an ax,pick, trecking poles or a shovel with a folding head to the outside of the pack.

There is a divider in the pack for a poncho, folding floor mat or documents.

You can secure a sleeping bag to the top of the pack. The straps are long but do not get in the way.

You can also secure a thin bedroll or tarp between the bottom of the pack and the frame.

You could secure additional items to the bottom of the frame with no issues.

It is a simple, well designed pack. It can hold enough for 3 days and it fits in most cars easily. It is not a bulky pack.

I upgraded mine with ALICE shoulder staps and it made a world of difference. I also added an ALICE kidney pad. WOW! Very comfortable.

I also just love the look of them. Very nostalgic and Alpine looking. If you can find one in Cordura - BUY IT IN A HEARTBEAT!!

I own three and have been extremely satisfied with all of them.