View Full Version : SGT Rock recommendation for pad and/or u.quilt

2006-09-02, 10:30
Sgt. Rock, Your pages on the hammock pad and underquilt you made are invaluable to me as i am trying to figure out what combination of the two to use. I don't anticipate on being out in weather much below 20 deg.F. Do you use both in tandem or are you using just the pad in weather down to the quoted temp of 2xdegF? Would appreciate your recommendation. Many thanks and Semper Fi to the Army. Frequency (aka Dewey Oxburger)

SGT Rock
2006-09-05, 05:33
I've used 1/2" of pad down in the 20s with an outside cover like the JRB Weather Shield and been fine. What is even mo' better is if you wanted to spring for an under quilt.

If I know I am going out in weather that will be that cold, I make sure to take a pad, quilt, and Weather Shield. I like being as toasty as possible.