View Full Version : Any good movies out?

2006-09-08, 11:30
Has anyone seen any good movies lately? I am going on a first date tomorrow and I need a few recommendations on a movie (preferably a comedy).

Any help would be appriciated! Thanks!

2006-09-08, 12:44
Yes, go to Blockbuster and rent Jeremiah Johnson, if she likes it, she might be a keeper. Next, invite her over to watch Band of Brothers. After that, take her hiking in some really crappy weather and carefully note her response...and whether or not she returns your phone calls. Finally, ask her to elaborate on whether or not Truman was correct in recalling Macarthur.

2006-09-08, 17:57
Hand her a spork.

If you detect that vacant, distant expression....

The relationship is clearly 'too heavy'... time to move on.

On the other hand if she pulls out a pocket scale...

get a ring on her finger.

bird dog
2006-09-08, 19:58
Ive been married twice. STAY HOME. Better yet, go deep, deep into the woods and dont look back. BD

2006-09-09, 15:06
Ask her if there is a movie she would like to see, "Little Miss Sunshine" if you think you can handle it or "Beerfest" if you think she can handle it. "Telladega Nights" still is bringing in the crowds and the non/comedy "Invincible" the only one I've seen was good, have fun.

Just Jeff
2006-09-09, 15:49
And WHATEVER you do, don't click on the Accepted link at the bottom of the spam...

2006-09-09, 17:42
There we go, no more link. :)

2006-09-10, 01:29
And WHATEVER you do, don't click on the Accepted link at the bottom of the spam...

There we go, no more link. :)
What'd I miss???
I hate it when I come in on the end of these things.

Just Jeff
2006-09-10, 01:46
Just someone who signed up to post a link in his sig line.