View Full Version : Fleece or wool blankets to line a hammock?

Ridge Runner
2006-09-10, 15:03
Which is warmer to line a hammock with - Fleece or 100% Wool blankets?


2006-09-10, 15:25
That would be difficult to answer without more info.
What sort of wool quality eg: Merino? What wt/quality of fleece ,150,200 etc.
Also when you say 'line the hammock'. Are you meaning on the inside as in
a pad liner, or hung on the outside as a homemade underquilt system.
There are alot of fabric/insulation guru's here.
FYI .. I am not one of them, so won't offer any thoughts.
But if you are a bit more specific, you will find pant loads of advice on this
topic here.

Welcome to the forum.


Just Jeff
2006-09-10, 16:01
If you're lining the inside and laying on it, you'll want whichever compresses the least. In general, I'd say that's wool.

But other things come into play - as Turk said, it depends on quality of each more than anything. For example, WindStopper fleece would probably be warmer than wool that's twice as thick if the wool isn't windproof.

So consider other things besides just material - what you get for the cost, for example.

2006-09-11, 00:35
In general I prefer heavy wool blankets (army type), but they are kind of heavy. You could probably carry the twice thickness in fleece.

Frolicking Dino
2006-09-11, 19:10
I'd go with windstopper fleece. As others noted, wool is heavy and doesn't stop wind.

2006-09-11, 19:53
The hammock bottom will stop the wind ...Windstopper fleece is much heavier than equivelent weight reg fleece....wool is better, but again, much heavier....you can get a double fleece for the weight of wool....

BTW liners of this nature are generally good to 50 * max.... they will weigh more than a pad and more than a UQ....both/ either of which will keep you much warmer...