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2006-09-16, 00:39

:ciao: I am a big spamming idiot. :aetsch:

2006-09-16, 01:48
perfect example of why membership to the site should not be automatic..
wonder if there is any way to have a screening process. Example might be
validation email for membership authorized by Dix or Rock. Perhaps only approved after new member has filled out the member profile. This would kill the bots, and deter the spammers.

2006-09-16, 01:56
Or, let them sign up, log on and read, but no posts for a month?

2006-09-16, 03:23
Perhaps this missive might be forwarded to our good friends at Sony, as well known as they are for their encouragement of the young to get out and experience all nature has to offer. I'm sure they would enjoy hearing about someone offering their product in this forum, especially since the blasted thing wont even be released for another 2 months! Er, not that I want one, mind you (cant afford it...)

SGT Rock
2006-09-16, 04:07
Check the post now.

2006-09-17, 02:32

A Spam Idiot

I am someonethat doesn't respect

anyoneand didn't learn the first time

I came here and spewed my nasty spam. To punish me please do not buy my products or visit my website.


My mother didn't raise me right

SGT Rock
2006-09-17, 09:42
This boy is just plain stupid.

2006-09-17, 18:22
This boy is just plain stupid.

:beer: Nicely done, Sarge!

bird dog
2006-09-18, 21:56
I think the Great John Wayne once said "Life is Hard. But life is harder when youre stupid". It seems to apply here. BD

Hog On Ice
2006-09-20, 21:55
another idea - make a special class for these spammers so they end up being "short members" instead of junior members

2006-09-21, 01:38
I think that the vBullentin board supports image recognision in the signup process. This would kill off the bots but not the dirty #€%#%#€%#% spammers. The idea of not allowing members to get member status unless approved by admin or senior staff is also very good.
This might be enhanced by use of a screening process where "Juniors" have their first posts screened.

As usual it is vital to weigh effort against gain, how much administration is needed to block the dirty €€##&% spammers. Maybe it would require the least effort to allow senior staff to delete/hide SPAM posts instead of having admin to use even more time on this splendid site.

I don't think it helps to tell the spammers that they are stupid and that they are selling a poor product. They aim for the response and the hits on target site and could not care less whether we think they should be newtered with a spork :viking: (Død ved kølle!)

SGT Rock
2006-09-21, 04:13
Well my take on this is we have over 1,400 members and have only ever had about 40 spammers that I can tell. I would hate to put extra rules for joining and posting on 97% of members for the actions of 3% of the members. I will look into the image recognition, it may be an option but I am not sure I have seen that for vBullentin.

I know aking fun of them doesn't help stop them. But I have fun messing with the spammers.

Just Jeff
2006-09-21, 09:57
...we think they should be newtered with a spork...

That's the funniest thing I've read in a while. :biggrin:

Making fun of them may not help, but it sure makes me feel better about it!

Having new members' first five posts screened by a few regular users wouldn't really put anyone out. And once they get five posts that are actually useful, those users could be released into the wilds of unsupervised hikinghq posting. It's a dangerous place out there, and very few spammers would go through that much trouble.

2006-09-21, 10:37
Plus, smacking spammers is the only time I can go off on someone, and not get in trouble... :biggrin:

2006-09-21, 11:49
See spammers are good for something afterall. :wink: